Louisville KY Roofing Contractor Offers Free Roof Inspections

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Abrams Roofing, of Louisville, Kentucky, whose website can be found at has just announced that the company is now offering free roofing inspections by its licensed inspectors for both home and commercial property owners. The company has been in business since 1959, and it serves the entire Louisville, KY region as well as the southern Indiana area. According to its website in some circumstances, they will serve outside of those areas.

Kim Abrams, a spokesperson for the company, said, “We offer free roofing inspections by a licensed and trained crew, to homeowners just like you in and around the Louisville Metro area. When it comes to your roof, out of sight out of mind means serious long-term consequences. Prioritizing regular roofing inspections can prevent expensive future costs.”

One of the most common roofing problems encountered is a leaking roof but unless the roof is leaking badly property owners may not be aware of the issue without an inspection. High winds can lift shingles and hail can damage them and effectively create a hole in the roof. The onset of winter can cause shingles to shrink which can cause breakage and when summer comes along, they can expand and split. Weather damage from causes like these are often a common cause of leaking roofs.

Other factors that can play a part in damaged roofs are the loss of granules on asphalt shingles, small animals often try and get into properties through small holes and of course events like trees contacting the property can lead to damage. Additionally, roofs may have been badly constructed in the first place or badly repaired when damaged.

It is only common sense to have a roof periodically inspected but many property owners fail to do so because of the perceived expense of calling a company to come out and do the inspection. Obviously, this is no longer a factor as Abrams Roofing will now do the inspection for free. If the inspection reveals a need for repair then whether the damage is simply a few missing/damaged shingles or a full structural re-vamping, Abrams can offer a professional service to do the job and in some cases, the company can offer financing options.

Abrams Roofing & Sheet Metal also offers a free roof inspection and a full slate of roofing solutions for the commercial property owner. Abrams can provide any service needed, like the new thermoplastic roofing substances such as TPO or PVC materials.

When considering the possibility of a new roof or even just a roof repair, one of the first questions people ask is how long the work will take. According to the company, a residential roof can usually have the work completed within just a few days, but a commercial roof may take up to a month to install. The latter is because of the size of the buildings, and also because in many cases the steps for a commercial roof may need curing time in between each part of the construction.

The company has an extremely good reputation within its service area, and it makes a point to publish reviews from its clients on its website for prospective clients to peruse. Even a cursory glance over the reviews will show that people consider its work not just acceptable but in fact very good. There currently have 81 Google reviews with an average rating of 4.9 out of five stars.

In addition to more in depth information of the services offered, details of how to contact a roofing contractor Louisville, KY by phone, fax, or email can be found on Abrams Roofing’s website.

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