Lehi Utah Air Duct Cleaning Company Gives Tips on How to Spot Undesirable Air Duct Cleaning Services

January 31, 2020
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Those at All Clean Air Duct Cleaning warn that not all companies claiming to be air duct cleaning professionals are knowledgeable and trustworthy. Over the years they have heard many stories from customers about air duct cleaning companies that did poor work or practiced bait and switch pricing tactics. This reputable Lehi Utah air duct cleaning company wants to help people recognize the warning signs of air duct service providers that are acting in an unscrupulous manner.

Company owner, Daryl Olsen, had this to say on the matter, “It’s been our experience that there are a few good air duct cleaning companies in our area and some that really can’t do everything they claim to do. There are even air duct cleaning companies that say they charge just a little for their services and then add on other costs that quickly balloon that quoted low price. The problem is, for customers that are unaware that these companies exist and are not familiar with the business, it’s hard for them to tell the good air duct cleaning ones from the bad ones.”

Olsen said one of the first ways that someone can tell an air duct cleaning company is not being honest about their services is the price that they charge. He says that legitimate companies by then will generally quote prices of $300 - $600 for single furnace ductwork. The owner says the price variation is due to the size of the house and the corresponding amount of ductwork in it. He says less honest companies will quote a bait and switch price of somewhere between $49.95 to $100 and the final bill will come out to between $400 - $500 after the extras have been added. Companies that quote these lower prices should be avoided. Olsen went on to say that they will always give an air duct cleaning quote that they stick to 95% of the time before they ever start the job. He says extra charges are only added on under the most unusual circumstances.

The company owner warned that another trick that some air duct cleaning companies use to get their customers to give them more money is to scare them into thinking that they have a significant mold problem. Some cleaners do a ‘free mold inspection’ service where they will put a little mold on the end of a cotton swab and show it to the customer. They will then ask the customer to spend the extra money to get this problem taken care of. Olsen says that this is an unscrupulous practice because that is not even the proper way to identify mold buildup in ductwork. Some companies will even take that a step further and offer to decontaminate the entire home by ‘fogging’ it at the cost of several hundred dollars. He advises customers to politely ask this type of air duct company to leave if the homeowner experiences something like this.

Olsen says that a great way to tell if a company is a legitimate air duct cleaning service is to ask them how much time it will take to do the service. If they quote a time of fewer than 2 hours, that company cannot possibly do a thorough duct cleaning job. He says it takes the techs at All Clean Air Duct Cleaning at least 3 to 4 hours to complete a proper duct cleaning project. The owner says another good question for homeowners to ask when they are scheduling a duct cleaning appointment is what type of equipment a company uses to do the job. He says if they are using a rotary brush tool that method has been proven to be ineffective at doing thorough duct cleaning. He says legitimate companies like them use a negative air duct cleaning machine. This machine puts the entire ductwork under negative vacuum pressure and then a mechanical brush or a compressed air tool brush is used to clean the surfaces of the ductwork.

For those that want more information on finding a good duct cleaning company or any of the services that All Clean Air Duct Cleaning offers, Olsen invites them to refer to the company website at https://www.allcleanairductcleaning.com/.

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