Local Kaysville Utah Air Duct Cleaning Company Explains Why HVAC Cleaning Is Vital and How to Choose the Right Company

February 11, 2020
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Kaysville Utah air duct cleaning company, All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, wants local residents to understand just how important heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) cleaning is. In addition, the company has released pointers as to the best way to choose the right air duct cleaning company.

It is a fact of life that most homeowners and business owners do not give their HVACs a second thought until something goes wrong. By then, of course, the damage has already been done and the remedial work needed is usually expensive. Regular inspection, cleaning, and maintenance can help prevent such expense and the cost of cleaning and maintenance is almost always cheaper than repair.

HVAC systems are complex machines and like any such machines, require regular cleaning and maintenance. Failure to do so means the system will gradually become less efficient and may eventually fail. A less efficient system also costs more to run than one that is running at peak performance.

HVAC systems contain hundreds of square feet of ducting and keeping them clean helps to make the system run efficiently. Dust, of course, is what most people expect to build up in their ducting but that is not the only problem. Dirt, pollen, hair, dead insects, dust mites all add to the contamination within the system. One of the major problems that people do not generally know about their HVAC systems is the potential for mold and mold spores to build up within the ducting should moisture be present.

It is not just an efficiency issue with such a build-up within the ducting, but a health one too. Regular cleaning will help to minimize the potential allergens escaping into the air and causing those sensitive to such issues an unnecessary reaction. The problems of dirty air ducts and potential allergens is exacerbated if the system has not received regular cleaning. One such time that should always be given thought to is when moving into a new property as the previous owners may not have ever had the system cleaned.

Dave Stimmons, a spokesperson for All Clean Air Duct Cleaning, said, “Duct cleaning is vital to an HVAC system running efficiently and should be done every two or three years at minimum. If there are other factors such as pets, smokers, people with allergies, or water contamination then it should be done more frequently.”

All Clean Air Duct Cleaning also want home and business owners to know what questions to ask any company before choosing one to clean the air ducts and the red flags they should be on the lookout for.

First and perhaps foremost is to get a quote and consider whether it is too good to be true. Like any other aspect of life, if it seems to good to be true then it almost certainly is. A quote significantly less than other quotes is a major red flag. Customers will almost certainly find they will be charged lots of unexpected extras.

Ask if they do a free mold inspection and how it is conducted. This is another red flag if the answer is “Yes” and they offer a “Swab test” and decontamination by mildewcide or mildicide fogging of the entire house. Swab testing is easily manipulated and in fact, there may not be a mold issue at all. Fogging the entire house is not the best way of treating ducting mold.

Owners should also ask how long the cleaning will take and the answer should be anything from 2 hours upwards. All Clean Air Duct Cleaning say that if the quoted time is less than that then owners will probably not be getting a very good job done.

Another question that should always be asked is what type of equipment and cleaning process is used. If the method used is a vacuum hose with a rotating brush on the end, then it is the wrong answer. This is a cheaper and dirtier method and will not do the job properly. The correct answer should be the use of a negative air machine that puts the entire ductwork system under negative vacuum pressure. Then to use a mechanical brush or a compressed air tool to brush and clean the surfaces of the ductwork.

Stimmons went on to say, “We expect homeowners to ask us those questions, but when they are shopping around, they should be asking every other company as well. If owners ask those basic questions when looking for a duct cleaning company, they will avoid most of the potential problems that can arise.”

More in-depth information about duct cleaning in the Kaysville area and how to contact the company can be found on its website at https://www.allcleanairductcleaning.com/.

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