Heber City Utah Mold Removal Company Says to do Mold Inspections Before Buying a Home

January 31, 2020
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A Heber City Utah mold removal company, The Flood Co., just recently started work on a job where extensive mold damage was present. Those at the company say this will end up being a pretty expensive fix for the homeowner who recently purchased the house. They wanted to use this mold remediation project as a reminder for those that are purchasing a new home to pay a little money on a mold inspection beforehand. This could end up saving the new homeowner thousands of dollars in unexpected after-sale expenses.

Company Owner, Daryl Olsen, had this to say about this new customer that learned a tough lesson, “We recently started a project on a home where the owner found out that he had some mold issues. He told us he just recently purchased that home but never had a mold inspection done on the home before the purchase was finalized. When we arrived at the home, we found the mold problem to be much worse than he ever expected. It is going to take the combined efforts of our company and some rug experts to get things back to normal.”

He says this particular home was located on the top of a mountain so it had to have its own septic system. As they were doing their inspection, they found a significant mold buildup had occurred in the basement. It turns out that during some work by the previous homeowner that someone had accidentally put a screw into a cap in the wall that covers the septic system access point. Apparently, this happened long before the new owner moved into the home and was only noticed when he pulled back the carpet to paint the basement wall. That’s when the owner found several stains and saw that he had a mold problem too. He immediately called us to help him resolve the problem.

Olsen says this job is ongoing for the customer and the total price for resolving the problem has not yet been determined. So far, the customer has spent $2400 for The Flood Co’s services and is looking at either patching or replacing the carpet plus some other repairs. He says that will put the total project somewhere between $5000 and $18,000 depending on a few decisions that the customer makes. The mold remediation company owner says this is not the type of money anyone wants to spend right after purchasing a new home. Olsen says if a mold inspection was done prior to the closing, most if not all of this expense would have been the responsibility of the previous homeowner.

The company owner went on to add that there really is no good reason not to get a mold inspection done. He says they are relatively inexpensive when someone compares that to the cost of doing mold remediation and other repairs. Olsen says many times prospective buyers can even get the cost of mold inspections paid for by the current homeowner. He says most professionals that do mold testing are so good at it that they even have equipment that tests the air in a home for the presence of mold spores.

He emphasized there are several things that a prospective homeowner should ask a mold inspector to do for them when checking a house they are thinking about buying. This includes the detection of damp areas in a home, discovery of the moisture source, finding mold buildup areas, air sampling, and determining the extent of the problem and a future prognosis on further mold buildup.

Olsen says if the inspector refuses to do these things then a person is wasting their money and needs to get another inspector. If the inspector does find the presence of significant mold buildup in a house the next step is to call them. They will come out and present the existing homeowner with an estimate for cleaning up that mold. If that person is serious about selling their home, they will usually agree to spend the money to get the job done right or take it off the sale price of the house.

The Flood Co. owner stated that more extensive information on mold inspections and mold remediation can be viewed on their website at https://www.thefloodco.com/.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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