Backyard Bug Patrol Receives Glowing 5-Star Review on Google

January 30, 2020
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Backyard Bug Patrol is pleased to announce that it has recently received a glowing 5-star review from a customer on Google Maps which can be found here:

In her review, Katherine Beckett-Goodwin said, “We love the Backyard Bug Patrol service! The team is very professional, courteous and efficient - excellent customer service across the board. They always give us a heads up via email when the next treatment is or if they cannot do the treatment because of rain, also give us a note about that. We also do not have an issue with ticks in our yard. The treatment approach of multiple treatments through the tick season is very thorough and effective, not like the services that only treat twice as ticks and mosquitoes are mobile, and can come in and out with animals. The tick treatment is important to us because some in our family have tick borne illnesses, and we are confident going out in our own backyard and not get eaten alive by bugs that spread disease. I highly recommend these guys.”

Katherine was particularly concerned about ticks in her yard and rightly so. Deer ticks present a very real danger of transmitting Lyme Disease and a tick problem should not be dismissed lightly. It is not just humans that can catch Lyme Disease from ticks; pets like cats and dogs can too.

As Backyard Bug Patrol points out on its website, most people think that since the ticks that carry Lyme Disease are called deer ticks, that it is the deer that carries the disease, and this simply isn’t so. Deer are actually immune to the disease, but they present an easy target for the ticks and a deer can actually have as many as 1000 ticks on it. Deer ticks can be found on all animals so if a back yard has any wildlife in it at all it is very likely that ticks are present too.

It is not just ticks that present a serious problem outdoors though. Some, like mosquitoes, are a buzzing and biting nuisance at best. Mosquitoes can, however, carry West Nile Virus. West Nile Virus has spread across America in less than two decades and in that time has infected thousands and killed hundreds. Like deer ticks and Lyme Disease, mosquitoes and West Nile Virus is not a problem that should be underestimated. Others, like stink bugs are simply unwanted pests. Backyard Patrol’s system of regular sprayer treatments helps make backyards safer for both humans and pets.

It is not only outdoor yards that Backyard Bug Patrol deals with. Indoor pests can be a very real problem too. Most people have had ants in the house at one time or another and they can be hard to eradicate. Other unwelcome visitors such as spiders, fleas, roaches and more all fall within the company’s purview. Its 100% organic treatments will take care of such problem visitors and help prevent further outbreaks.

Backyard Bug Patrol was founded in 2010 by the Mitchell family after all five of them contracted Lyme Disease. Shortly after its inception, Patrick D., now the business’ manager, joined the Mitchells after contracting and nearly dying from West Nile Virus. Both the Mitchells and Patrick are well aware of the devastation such diseases bring about. Backyard Bug Patrol’s mission statement is “No child should get Lyme Disease in their own backyard.”

Patrick said, “We provide the most effective tick and mosquito prevention and eradication services to homes and businesses across Virginia and Maryland. We will make backyards 100% enjoyable. We offer both natural and 100% organic options and provide a 100% guarantee for those customers on seasonal plans.”

Backyard Bug Patrol offers both remedial and preventative treatments inside and outside the home for householders experiencing bug problems. Apart from the company’s website, further information about contacting them and the services offered as well as further great reviews can be found on its Yelp page at

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Ensuring that children don't get Lyme Disease in their own backyard. We provide outdoor pest control services in northern Virginia to prevent mosquitoes, ticks, stink bugs, and ants.

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