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Holstery Gets Set To Launch New Speed Square Holder: The SquareMaster

January 27, 2020
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Moscow, Idaho based Holstery is delighted to announce the upcoming launch of their new speed square holder, the SquareMaster.

Holstery's first product launch of the year will be its SquareMaster speed square holster, a tool designed with utility and convenience in mind. It maintains the high standard that sets Holstery apart from their competitors. Josh Hartung, founder of Holstery, states, "I struggled for years, using either bulky, uncomfortable tool holders or having them scattered all across the worksite. Neither is a feasible option, so this prompted me to design my very first tool holder and launch my company to sell and distribute it to construction workers across the country. All of the products we sell were designed by me, based on these struggles, and each tool serves the purpose of making your life easier by helping you keep your tools close by."

holstery speed square holder

The SquareMaster is a complete reboot of a design featured in a "This Old House" episode, which showed a similar product that Hartung would come to use as inspiration. The original product was redesigned into a better, more elegant solution. It addresses most of the issues that the original design had, improving ease of access from different angles and in tight spaces as well as its bulkiness, durability and so on. The holster itself is built from tactical carbon-filled plastics, making it so light that it will take none of the wearer’s attention when it is not being used. Hartung asserts, however, that it is both durable and resistant to wear and tear despite its light construction, capable of enduring virtually any construction environment.

"You can trust that the SquareMaster speed square holder will keep your tool in place throughout your workday, without moving an inch, regardless of what you are doing—unless you need it," states Hartung. "It comes with a passive retention finger that will keep your speed square from falling out even if you're hanging upside down from the rafters. While this may seem trivial and, in most cases, it is, there are several situations where this will come in handy, especially if you are ever working ten stories up in a construction zone where dropping any of your tools would put people's lives at risk."

This is a common concern that he seeks to address in all of Holstery’s products, as he notes that ease of access and resistance are two of the most important traits that often go overlooked in the design of other tool holder belts. Despite this, the SquareMaster holder does not make any compromises on its convenience or ease of use, as it is made to fit in belts up to 2" wide with quick-insertion for eyes-free use.

While the SquareMaster holder is not yet available for purchase, Hartung states that the product is in its final stages of testing. He asks his eager customers to be patient while the design is perfected and deemed safe to use. In the meantime, he has invited interested parties to visit the company's blog to read more about the thought process and different stages of design that the Swanson square holder went through, as this will also provide further insight into what they may expect from this piece of equipment.

Those eager to try Holstery's products can view their TapeMaster tactical tape measure holder and the HammerMaster tactical hammer holder, which are currently available for purchase on their website. Both of these products boasts several customer reviews that praise their functionality, with one of the most recent testimonials for the TapeMaster saying, "Best purchase I've made in a while! My tape is on and off my hip frequently, checking quality. This makes putting the tape back on your hip a one-handed deal, knowing it's secure. If a tape falls, there's potential for the tip to become bent, affecting the accuracy. This is a great solution."

The company's website includes more information on Holstery’s products, including a thorough description of their features, costs and shipping details. Interested parties are welcome to reach out to Josh Hartung to follow up on any further inquiries as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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