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Robert A. Dodell Now Provides Legal Defense Services in Tempe Municipal Courts

February 21, 2020
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Robert A. Dodell Attorney at Law, has announced that they are now providing legal defense services for DUI, criminal, and domestic violence clients in Tempe, Arizona city courts. With over 30 years’ experience as a practicing attorney (as both a prosecutor and defense lawyer), he has provided legal services to both adults and juveniles facing criminal, domestic violence and DUI charges in Scottsdale, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, and Phoenix.

Dodell says, “I’m proud to serve the Tempe community. As a former prosecutor, I understand how the state will proceed in handling DUIs, domestic violence, and criminal charges. I take care of my clients through these very trying times and am available around the clock. If you find yourself in need of our services, simply give me a call.”

In Tempe courts, the firm will provide criminal defense services. Criminal charges can affect a person's life significantly, including their entire family, their employment and housing opportunities, as well as their civil rights. He will help his client fight their criminal case before it even goes to court. Often, people find themselves in a pre-charging investigation before charges are filed. This is the best time to hire an attorney to conduct an independent investigation, take control, and defend their case.

Many of his clients have left feedback on online platforms, including Google and AVVO. They provide ample evidence of the care and attention the firm offers his clients. One such review says, “Mr. Dodell was terrific in handling my case. He was professional, compassionate and very easy to communicate with. I would recommend him if you find yourself in a bind and need support. He was able to help me reach the best possible outcome in my situation. Thank you so much for your assistance, Robert. Hopefully I don’t need your services again in the future but, if so, you will be my first call.”

The firm is also pleased to offer their assistance with DUI charges. As driving under the influence is extremely dangerous, it is considered a serious offense and carries severe consequences. Penalties include mandatory jail or prison time, expensive fines, license suspension or revocation, as well as a permanent record of conviction. There are two levels of DUI in Arizona: misdemeanor DUI, which is usually charged for first and second time offenders and felony DUI, which is charged as an Aggravated DUI or Aggravated DWI. Many who have been charged with a DUI felt the charges were unfair, and they benefited from having Robert A. Dodell fight for their rights.

Another client said in their 5-Star AVVO review, “I highly recommend Mr. Dodell. He was able to dismiss two of the charges for my DUI. I would have to spend two weeks in jail if he would not help me. He was very honest about my situation and provided the best representation. He was also able to get me my driver’s license back. It is such a relief to know that you have the best of the best attorneys to defend your rights if you run into DUI-related problems. He was also really helpful with answering questions about my case and dates, and staying organized with my case throughout all the steps.”

Dodell states, “I always advise that you not drink to excess unless you are calling a cab or have a sober friend to drive you home. Regardless of your situation, I will fight for your rights. I am grateful to all my clients who leave their feedback online; I know that many people who are in these types of unfortunate circumstances struggle to find the help they need during their time of crisis.”

Meanwhile, a wide range of charges fall under domestic violence in Arizona including assault, disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, threatening and intimidation, and harassment. In many cases, the state will file charges against the defendant and aggressively pursue those charges even if the victim does not wish to pursue the charge. This is also true in situations where the victim has refused to actively participate in the prosecution.

Given that the circumstances of each case are different, there is no common procedure to deal with each charge. Having an attorney who understands all of the possible ramifications as an advocate, who will provide the best possible robust defense, is the best first step anyone can take if charged with this type of offense.

Those in need of a defense attorney in Tempe, Scottsdale, Phoenix, and other areas where the firm is active are encouraged to take advantage of a free consultation which Robert Dodell, Attorney at Law, provides. More information about their services is available on the company’s’ website.

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