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Leading Austin Pediatric Dentist Asks All Children To Pledge To Brush And Floss

January 24, 2020
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Green Apple Pediatric Dentistry, based in Austin, Texas, is asking all their pediatric patients to pledge to a New Year’s resolution to brush and floss every day as part of a new initiative. They would like children across Texas, the US and the world to make the same pledge with the goal of preserving dental health. Deciduous teeth, commonly known as baby teeth, are needed for the proper development of several functions, including chewing and speech development.

Dr. Evy Guerrero of Green Apple Pediatric Dentistry says, “We want every child to have the bright, pearly white smile that they deserve. That comes with helpful encouragement to brush teeth well everyday as well as flossing to develop healthy oral health habits. We are asking children to pledge that they will undertake regular brushing as well as flossing twice a day, particularly just before bedtime. Developing these good habits early in life will help them create other healthy habits as they grow.”

Decay occurs primarily due to sugar or acid exposures from solid foods and liquids, bacterial composition in the mouth and poor oral hygiene practices. Parents and other family members can help young children and adolescents develop good oral hygiene habits. This is important, as premature loss of baby teeth may cause shifting and drifting of other teeth, which may in turn increase the need for orthodontics to align permanent teeth.

The parents of the clinic’s young patients often leave their feedback online on a variety of review platforms. On Google, Desiree Villarreal gives the practice 5 Stars, saying, “Dr. Guerrero and her staff were wonderful! They are very patient and kind, each of them took their time explaining recovery instructions as well as answering all our questions. I highly recommend this place to all parents. Not to mention—their philosophy is ‘Clean’ ingredients, nothing toxic!”

The clinic also helped over 2,000 laser frenectomy patients who have benefited from receiving vital help with this common issue. Dr. Guerrero is an expert in identifying, classifying and treating lip and tongue ties in patients of all ages. Tongue and lip ties are known to affect babies and very young children, and they can have lasting impacts that pursue children for the rest of their lives. Many adults who have had this unfortunate condition have reported underdevelopment of their jaws and teeth as well as chronic migraines, neck tension, sleep apnea and the need for extensive orthodontic treatment.

Treating the condition quickly without anesthetic is possible with a specialist like Dr. Guerrero, who also has the proper equipment and expertise required for such a task. Opal Orchid’s review on Google is typical of the care and attention that Green Apple Pediatric Dentistry provides to all their patients. In her 5-Star review, Opal says, “Dr. Guerrero did excellent, taking care of my 4-year-old son. The staff are so nice and make you feel at ease. Everything went so well that, after the frenectomy, my son didn't want to leave! We drive 3hr 1/2 to come see our trusted dentist!”

Dr. Guerrero responds, “We do our best to ensure each patient’s family is aware of any issues and what they can do to treat tongue and lip ties. We have estimated that fewer than 5% of the population do not have a tie, so please give us a call if you have any concerns. You can find out more about the effects that tongue and lip ties can have through the blog on our website.”

Social media users may follow the clinic on Twitter and Instagram to stay abreast of their news, announcements and informative posts. Reviews for Green Apple Pediatric Dentistry reflect that their children of all ages look forward to going to the dentist. In one such review, Amy says, “My son has autism, and he is sensitive to all things dental. Dr. Guerrero and the staff are wonderful! Kind and knowledgeable—highly recommended!”

Dr. Guerrero concludes, “Whether or not parents have any fear of going to the dentist, our mission is to help every child get a great start off to developing good oral health habits. We are so grateful to everyone who has taken the time to share their experience online. It is so important to help kids achieve the healthy and confident smile they deserve. We hope you will encourage your own kids to take up the pledge and develop good habits too.” Those who wish to book an appointment with the leading Austin Texas pediatric dentist can find them conveniently located on US-2900 on the west side of Austin.

Full information about their pediatric and family dental services can be found on their website. Dr. Evy Guerrero and the rest of the team at Green Apple Pediatric Dentistry welcome any inquiries from those who wish to become new patients.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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