Rockwell Trading Teaches Community How To Produce Side Income From Home

January 28, 2020
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Austin, Texas based Rockwell Trading has produced a list of ways in which one can explore trading as an additional means of income from home. Trading is one of the ways in which one can accumulate a great deal of money, and it can be a great source of side income for those committed enough to invest the necessary time, energy and funds into it. The stock trading strategy proposed by Rockwell Trading is guaranteed to help one boost their income from trading by a great deal.

Rockwell Trading was started by Markus Heitkoetter, a former IBM employee who had a strong desire to get out of the so-called rat race. He, over the course of 16 years, managed to move from Munich, Germany to Austin, Texas and establish himself as a trader. “I was always fascinated by trading. In fact, I did my first trade when I was still in high school,” says Heitkoetter. He did not, however, initially pursue trading and instead entered the corporate world where he quickly reached the top of the corporate ladder.

“Life was good. I was responsible for IBM Global Services in Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA). I traveled across Europe and the Middle East. IBM allowed me to fly business class and rent fancy cars, and I became a Platinum Member for major airlines, car rentals and hotels. I was enjoying life in the fast lane and thought I went from here straight into a comfortable retirement. In 2001, however, everything changed. The corporate life was taking a toll on me: I was working six days a week, often 10-12 hours a day,” says Heitkoetter. IBM eventually began downsizing, and Heitkoetter decided to quit and pursue his passion for trading.

His initial attempts were unsuccessful, but he eventually managed to become a successful online trader. His success has led to Heitkoetter becoming something of an authority on trading. Capitalizing on the expertise and experience he gained during his exploratory efforts, he then went to establish Rockwell Trading in 2005, an organization that helps those who are interested in trading to join the ranks of many others making money in the field. He often holds one-day Bootcamps aimed at helping people better understand the world of trading. Learn more here: How To Trade Stocks.

“After buying all these trading courses, strategies, and other stuff, I had enough to write about and could share with other traders what worked for me and what didn’t,” says Heitkoetter. “More and more traders are finding my website, and my stuff seems to help them in their trading.”

A number of people have looked at Heitkoetter’s website and watched his videos, and many of them have found themselves quite pleased with the wealth of information on hand. “I really enjoyed reading your book and your story on your website,” says one review shared on Rockwell Trading’s website. “I felt like I was reading my own autobiography. I have blown up my trading account more than once and really felt like the only way to beat the market was to not participate. I took several years off away from the markets, and now I am just getting back in. I realized that my biggest enemy was my emotions and not understanding risk or money management. I'm ready to start trying again, and your story has inspired me.”

Another aspiring trader says, “I really enjoyed your training yesterday. It was extraordinarily informative and gave me several great ideas for my future trading. Right now, I’m buying/selling at an entry, ‘hobbyist’ level, working with limited funds. My profits and fund are growing, however, and I plan to employ your recommended techniques for a while and see if I become more successful. If so, I will certainly come back to Rockwell Trading to purchase your software. It was quite impressive.”

Those who wish to learn how to trade are encouraged to visit Rockwell Trading’s platform today. The website offers a wealth of knowledge to anyone interested in learning to trade as either a career or as a source of side income. Find out more about trading and read about Markus Heitkoetter’s journey online.

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