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Company That Hosts Contractors License Classes in Los Angeles Announces that Tutoring is Now Included in Their Learning Package

January 30, 2020
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A reputable contractors license school in Los Angeles has just announced that along with their regular curriculum, those attending the school are also eligible to receive tutoring at no extra charge. This school located in Burbank, CA is called ‘The Contractors State License Center’. It’s the only contractors’ school in the Los Angeles area that offers free of charge tutoring to those that take courses from them. The school was established to give people a means to better prepare for the rigorous California State Contractors Licensing Exam. Those at the school see these no charge tutoring sessions as an important part of that process.

School owner, Eric Jacobs, had this to say about why they now offer their students free tutoring, “It’s no secret that passing the California State Contractors Licensing Exam can be very difficult. The test covers a wide knowledge area in the realm of what contractors may experience as they go about their jobs. That includes business law, licensing, safety, building codes, and bidding. It’s a lot of material for anyone to learn and comprehend. Our one on one or small group tutoring sessions are designed as a means for our students to get more personalized teaching as they get ready to take the contractors exam. We at the school are committed to doing everything we can to give our students a leg up on passing the state contractors licensing test.”

Jacobs went on to add that the free tutoring sessions that they now offer have many benefits. He says to start with it’s a great way for any student that has questions about any of the course material to get those questions answered in a more direct manner. The school owner also noted that the information that the state government provides for the exam can be indirect and wordy. Their tutoring sessions can be used for any student participating in them to get better clarification on a subject when they run into this problem. Jacobs said that the small group tutoring sessions even offer the students a chance to address topics that more than one person in a class is having trouble understanding.

The contractors license classes in Los Angeles that the school offers have been in place for over 50 years now. Jacobs said that the California State Contractors license is a necessary license in the state of California for anyone who oversees building projects whose final cost totals more than $500. That includes such projects as building new residential and commercial structures, driveway construction, landscaping, masonry work, and well drilling. He pointed out that this particular contractor’s test is known to have an unusually high failure rate among those that it’s administered too. Jacobs said part of the reason for that is a student only has 3 ½ hours to take a closed book test that covers much material.

Jacobs said they not only cover the material that most likely will be asked on the California State Contractors Licensing Exam but they also teach their students specific test-taking techniques. The school is conducted over a six-week period and during that time a student is only required to attend onsite classes once per week for two hours. The school spokesperson pointed out that these classes are always scheduled during convenient evening and weekend hours. They even offer a home study version of the course where students are not required to attend onsite class sessions at all. As part of the preparation for the contractor’s exam, each student will also take practice tests that are very similar to the actual tests administered by the state. Jacobs says their school’s course material, study guides and practice exams are all designed to help a prospective contractor maximize their chances of passing the state exam.

Those at this contractors license school in San Fernando Valley say they are always available to answer any questions that prospective students have about their curriculum. This can be done by phone, email or in-person during a scheduled free consultation with a school representative.

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About Contractors State License Center:

The California contractor license exam is challenging and most people need some outside assistance or study material in order to pass it. Contractors State License Center has been a contractor school in Los Angeles for over 20 years.

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