STD Dating Expert Releases New STD Dating Tips Post

January 15, 2020
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Most people living with an STD have a hard time coping with life after diagnosis. Dating is normally a difficult task for most people and when an STD is involved, the process can be daunting. has been in the front line of providing positive singles with a platform where they can find friendship, companionship and romance. The site provides a platform for HIV dating, herpes dating, and HPV dating

According to the post, “If you have an STD, you might think that it is an end for your love life. You might be anxious and wonder if you can find love even when you have been diagnosed with an STD. You might even be scared that you will be misjudged or worry about passing on the disease to your new partner. But, if you look around, you should know that you are not alone. Here are some excellent tips that will allow you to explore dating with an STD.”

"There are also a couple of tips that anyone living with a lifelong STD can follow when they are dating to avoid disappointments and embarrassments, “STD is More Common than You Think. You might be worried that people will judge you if you try to date with an STD. The truth is that there might be cruel people out there, but not all of them are that way. Also, not everyone knows that they have STD, and it is the reason why it spreads. So, if someone judges you, ask them if they have ever been tested. When they realize how easily STD can be transmitted when a partner does not even know they have them, they are less likely to judge you."

"Do Not Judge Yourself. If you have an STD, it should not define who you really are. Remember that you are not your disease and you have much more to offer to your partner. Dating can be fun, full of drama, pain and can even cause heartbreak. You should consider the disease just to one part of the total dating experience that you have to deal with. Also, sex is not the only criterion for why people date. You might be looking for someone who is interesting to you and with whom you share hobbies and interests. So, if you like someone, STD is just one factor that you will need to deal with."

"Be Open About Your STD with Your Partner. If you happen to find someone with whom you connect to at different levels, you should disclose your condition before you have sex. It allows your partner to make a decision based on the risks and what they are comfortable with. If someone is really interested in you before they knew about your STD, they will surely be interested after you tell them about it. So, make sure that you tell them as early as possible in the relationship; otherwise, they might feel betrayed. Reduce the Risk. If you are scared of passing on STD to your partner, you should take measures to stop the spread. You can try suppressive therapy that reduces the number and the severity of the STD outbreaks. Make sure to use preventive measures such as condoms and dental dams to stop STD from spreading to your partner.”

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SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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