Bali Meditation Retreats at Blooming Lotus Yoga Now Open For Registration

January 20, 2020
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Blooming Lotus Yoga, based in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, has announced that the meditation retreats at Blooming Lotus Yoga are now open for registration. The meditation retreats that are held in Ubud, Bali, have four features. These are the daily meditation sessions, daily yoga classes to energize the body and mind, Yoga Nidra to heal and release subconscious habitual patterns, and lifestyle guidance. There are two types of meditation retreats offered: Beginner’s Yoga & Meditation Retreats and Intermediate Silent Meditation Retreats.

Angela, a spokesperson for Blooming Lotus Yoga, says, “If you need to spend some time slowing down, clarifying your purpose in the world, or want to go deep within, these free silent meditation retreats are perfect for you. These retreats are for intermediate students who are interested in the yogic approach to spiritual liberation. These courses provide a strong foundation in which you can continue a meditation and pranayama practice at home, as well as qualify you to teach meditation to others.”

Bali Meditation Retreat

Angela explained that in addition to the three daily meditation sessions, their Silent Meditation Retreats also include a gentle Hatha Yoga class in the morning and may include Yin Yoga and certain restorative postures, Yoga Nidra in the afternoon, and inspirational talks in the evening. These meditation retreats are expected to elevate the lives of attendees in ways that they have never dreamed of. The benefits that they can get from practicing meditation and pranayama daily can affect all facets of life: confidence, relationships, compassion, wisdom, love, sincerity, insight, creativity, and respect.

And in addition to the meditation retreats, they also offer yoga retreats. They offer 4-Day and 7-Day Yoga Retreat Packages. These yoga retreats have a number of features, such as daily yoga classes that are designed to energize the body and the mind; transformative workshops to awaken new insights and ideas; a complete step-by-step meditation process to enhance mindfulness and find inner peace; and unforgettable cultural immersions into the sacred world of the Balinese.

The daily yoga classes are Vinyasa Flow classes that are suitable for all levels. They are a fluid sequencing of various postures that are related to breath. The classes are custom-fitted to the individual needs of the attendees such that while they are challenging, they are not overwhelming, allowing the attendees to progress at their own pace. Everyday of the retreat, attendees will learn two complete asana flow sequences.

In the workshops, attendees will learn about the yogic lifestyle, receive personal growth tools, discover ways to apply healthy and balanced routines to their daily life, and receive guidance for their personal practice.

In the meditation techniques, attendees will learn ancient methods that can promote mental clarity, reduce stress, and heal and prevent psychosomatic disease.

And finally, during the yoga retreat, attendees get to experience the fun and cultural immersion events, allowing them to discover all the beauty and charm of Ubud and its people.

And for those who are interested in becoming yoga teachers, they also offer the Blooming Lotus Yoga Teacher Training Certification Courses. These courses focus on the synthesis of the Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra. These are conducted amidst the beauty and peaceful environment of Bali. These are offered in intimate class sizes for personalized mentoring and provision of insight into deep esoteric yoga knowledge or vidya. These classes also provide the rare opportunity to the students to completely immerse themselves in the yoga way of life.

These courses prepare the students for teaching Yoga with wisdom and skill. They will undergo a deep inner transformation that will allow them to connect with their True Selves. Each training course is a rare combination of the subtle esoteric philosophy and practices of traditional yoga.

Those who want to learn more about their Bali yoga teacher training events can check out the Blooming Lotus Yoga website or contact them on the phone or through email.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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