Handi Cleaning Services Looks to Remain One of the Top Green Cleaning MN Companies

February 11, 2020
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Golden Valley's, top green cleaning company, Handi Commercial Cleaning, is proud to be a company that is well-known for the green cleaning practices that they have implemented. It’s something that the owners and management of this reputable Minneapolis area cleaning service have vowed to continue to get even better at as they look to the future because they realize full-well all the benefits that green cleaning services bring to a company and the employees that work for it.

Company owner, Robin Handy, had this to say about why the company chose to make green cleaning a priority, “Green cleaning goes well beyond using environmentally-friendly cleaning products to us. To us, it also means cleaning in a way that promotes keeping employees healthy and the workplace as free as possible from germs and toxins. That has an unseen ripple effect throughout a business that many people do not realize. This includes sharper employees that are more productive and minimizing the loss of valuable man-hours due to illness. We try to be as progressive as possible when it comes to our commercial cleaning services and green cleaning is another way that we accomplish that.”

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Handy went on to add that green cleaning is something that should be taken very seriously by all because indoor air is estimated to be already 4 or 5 times worse than outdoor air quality. Part of the problem is due to the poor filtration and circulation of indoor air at most businesses. That means that if a company uses harsh cleaning chemicals, harmful chemical vapors and residue have no place to go and eventually will build up in the workplace. This leads to such things as coughing, sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, and even worse health problems. She says this can be especially tough on individuals that are already very sensitive to the natural allergens in indoor air. If someone wants to know more about the healthy aspects of green cleaning, they can check out this article from Handi Commercial Cleaning.

The company says that much of this is avoidable when a commercial cleaning company such as theirs practices a little TLC in the workplace and is conscientious about the chemicals that they use. Handy says that one of the other nice things that happen when businesses choose to be cleaned in a green manner is that they will continue to remain clean and sanitary. It has been proven over time that chemicals that contain much fewer toxins are able to kill germs and most forms of bacteria as effectively as their much more toxic counterparts. Handy says that it also helps that they regularly train their employees on how to practice sound cleaning methods that complement the use of their environmentally-friendly chemicals. She went on to add that their company employees fully recognize the fact that both of these attributes are a must if a company like theirs is going to remain a reputable green cleaning business.

Handy went on to say that there are a lot more reasons to work with their company than just the fact that their greener cleaning methods tend to leave a company’s employees healthier. She says it also means that a company will have fewer distractions as far as doing such important functions as cleaning which they typically are not specialists at like a professional cleaning service. That will help a company and its employees focus more on their core business services. The cleaning techs at Handi Commercial Cleaning also have access to the best cleaning equipment and specialized training on how to use it.

The owner says that they also offer area companies many specialized cleaning services to complement their regularly scheduled cleaning and janitorial services. This includes such tasks as carpet cleaning, window cleaning, floor cleaning, stone cleaning, and restroom only cleaning services.

More about their green cleaning philosophy can be seen here in this commercial cleaning news article abut Handi Commercial Cleaning.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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