Dental Clinic Celebrates Two Years Of Wisdom Teeth Removal In Las Vegas

January 13, 2020
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Henderson, NV based Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth is pleased to announce they are celebrating their two year anniversary. The clinic has been helping their patients deal with problematic wisdom teeth since their inception and has successfully performed thousands of procedures. With patients coming from all over the region, Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth is quickly become the top dental clinic in the area and hopes to continue growing in the years to come.

The clinic is run by Dr. Spencer Wirig, a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas’ (UNLV) first class. He joined the United States Air Force after his training and received additional training in conscious IV sedation. A good portion of his time in the air force was spent removing wisdom teeth. He regularly puts all of this training into practice when carrying out wisdom tooth extractions at Las Vegas Wisdom teeth. Dr. Wirig says, “We've been very fortunate that so many patients are discovering us, most often through friends and family who have had a great experience. We are hoping to be part of this community for a very long time. I first moved to Las Vegas back in 1996 and have enjoyed living in this area since then. Coming back here and starting a successful business that improves people's lives here in Las Vegas is a dream come true.”

Wisdom teeth are sometimes referred to as third molars. Some people are born with a full set of wisdom teeth, which means they have four, and some are born with fewer or none. Most dentists recommend that wisdom teeth be removed before they emerge to prevent some of the problems they are known to cause, such as pain, cysts, damage to other teeth and other, sometimes very serious, complications. Infected wisdom teeth can even become life threatening ailments, and it is important to have them examined and removed by a highly trained professional.

Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth offers the highest quality dental care in Nevada. Using the latest and most advanced state of the art equipment, Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth ensures that every procedure is done quickly and painlessly. “We know that most people feel anxious about having their wisdom teeth removed, so it is our goal to make your visit with us as pain-free and anxiety-free as possible,” says the clinic. “That is why we offer IV Sedation to give our patients the best comfort available during what is often other times a stressful procedure. You will love our staff and our amazing dentist.” Find out more about the clinic and stay abreast of any new services or any other developments by following them on Facebook at

Dental care can be very expensive, and Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth understands the extreme burden it can put on finances. To help their patients get the care they need, the clinic offers a wide variety of payment options and accepts most insurances. It is their goal to see that every patient receives their maximum insurance benefits for all covered services.

“His office is awesome, does not resemble a ‘Dental Office’ at all,” says a review on their website. “Very refreshing and a non-stressful atmosphere. His staff are very friendly and kind. I needed a bad wisdom tooth pulled; once I sat down seriously, it only took like 4-5 minutes, it seemed, and that's pushing it! Dr. Spencer knows his stuff and, most importantly, he makes you feel at ease and comfortable. I’d give him a hundred ‘Stars’ if I could!”

Another patient says the clinic, “Shocked me by providing me a quote for surgery, thousands below what I was quoted by a 'specialist.’ Amazing and friendly staff. I can't say enough good about them. Simply the best.”

Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth has a YouTube channel with multiple videos on certain dental procedures and how to prepare for them. It also has testimonials from patients and videos explaining exactly what wisdom teeth are and why they sometimes need to be removed. Learn more about the types of procedures Las Vegas Wisdom Teeth specializes in at the following link:

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