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DHL Mechanical in Calgary Points Out the Benefits of Radiant Floor Heating

January 14, 2020
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Reputable Calgary home heating expert, DHL Mechanical, likes the many benefits that radiant floor heating brings to any home that has it installed inside of it. Those at the company say it’s a very efficient way to heat any home. It is known to be as much as 30% more efficient when heating a home than more traditional forced-air heating systems are. It is just one of the many home heating solutions that this Alberta contractor offers. Others can be seen here at

Company owner/operator, Mark Davie, says this about modern radiant floor heating systems, “Many people are not familiar with what radiant floor heating entails. It is a home heating system that is placed under a floor in a home and transfers heat into a room by means of infrared radiation. It is much more efficient than forced-air heating systems because it heats objects in a room instead of the air in a room. That warmth also does a nice job of reaching any people that are in a room too. There is zero heat loss due to air transfer in the system and people who use this type of home heating system often describe their rooms as being very ‘cozy’ during the colder months of the year.”

Davie went on to describe how radiant floor heating is installed. He says when they install these systems, they place a complex system of pipes or coils between the flooring in a room and a subflooring layer. They prefer to use water-based (hydronic) systems that run hot water through pex pipes as opposed to more expensive to run electronic heating coils placed below a floor. The heat from the hot water running through the pex piping is then radiated into the room above and then is dispersed evenly throughout the room by means of natural convection. Heating a room this way has other benefits too Davie says. That’s because it’s installed in zones that can be turned off when not in use. He pointed out that it also can be installed in isolated areas without much effort such as under the flooring in a detached garage. More details on how DHL Mechanical installs radiant floor heating can be found here at

He also went on to add that radiant heating systems are typically much safer than more traditional central air heating systems too. There is little risk of such things as carbon monoxide poisoning with it. Davie also noted that the tubing with the heated water running through it is placed several inches away from the flooring. This means that the floor surface gets warm but not hot to the touch.

The company owner/operator also says that radiant floor heating is a preferred heating source for those who are sensitive to dust, pet dander, and other home allergens. That’s because the system does not use forced air to transfer heat into a room. He says forced air heating systems tend to stir up any allergens that are present in a home. This can actually spread those allergens throughout any home. Davie went on to add that those who are sensitive to the noise that is associated with central air heating systems when running will also like radiant floor heating. He says it’s a home heating system that is barely noticeable noise wise when it's operating.

DHL Mechanical has been serving the Calgary, Alberta area since 1996. Davie says they are a family-owned company that likes to perform above expectations and they also work hard to buildup trust with their customers. Besides radiant home flooring, they also install the boilers that are required to run the system. The company also offers such other home and commercial services such as plumbing, heating, air conditioning, hydronics, and gas fitting. The owner/operator added that they only use superior quality systems and support products made by reputable manufacturers. He says their techs are well-trained and experienced and each can handle a wide variety of heating and air installation, repair, and upgrade tasks.

For more on this company interested persons can check out their website or visit their Google Docs information page at

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