Meet Positives Releases New Guide To Dating With An STD

January 06, 2020
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Dating online has opened new doors and provided multiple options for people looking for love. However, when a sexually transmitted disease is thrown in, dating can be a daunting task.

Jack Lombardi, founder of Meet Positives has released a new guide to dating with an STD.

“Most people view people living with STDs are promiscuous and trashy,” Jack said. “In reality, these are just words but the truth is that anyone can get infected with and STD.”

In most cases, people get STDs as a result of having multiple sex partners and engaging in sexual activities without protection. “Some of these infections do not carry any visible symptoms and this contributes to their rapid spread,” added Jack.

STDs have been around for a long time and the term has attracted negativity which is why doctors now refer to them as infections instead of diseases. The following are important tips released by Jack Lombardi to help people with STDs during dating:

“It is important for anyone with a sexually transmitted infection to know what they have. When you know the details around your infection, you will be in a better position to explain it to anyone. The internet has a lot of STD information that you can use to understand the infection and the sources of stigma.”

“Meet Positives is an STD dating site that is dedicated to providing a platform where people living with STDs can find other positive singles looking for love, companionship, and romance. The site has people living with herpes, HPV and HIV and has a great atmosphere when you can meet others who have been through the same experience as you.”

“Online STI dating sites have made dating with HPV, dating with herpes, and dating with HIV possible. If you are living with a lifelong infection, you might want to be open and try a dating site for people with STDs.”

“The secret to a great experience on Meet Positives is to create a direct profile that people can understand. Since you will be on a platform where every one is living with an STD, it will be easy to express yourself without being judged. An easy to understand profile makes its easy for other singles to know you better.”

“People are different and you will lean this when dating them. Since you will be in a dating site for people with STDs, you will have an opportunity to have a normal conversation without the infection being a major part of it all.”

“There might be time you will need to explain your infection and how it came to be. You need to practice how to ease into this conversation especially when dating. Most people who are not living with an infection will find it hard to understand you. This is why you might want to join Meet Positives for a smooth dating experience where you will never have the talk that might lead to you being misjudged.”

The best way to avoid rejection based on the STD status is to use the services provided by Meet Positives, a modern easy-to-use STD dating site.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.


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Herpes dating website for people with herpes. Meet positive singles
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