New 2020 Bali Yoga Retreats in Ubud are Now Available

January 07, 2020
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One of the premier yoga centers in the world, Blooming Lotus Yoga, is now accepting applications from students for its 2020 yoga retreats in Bali. Located in Ubud, the yoga center will be offering both four and seven-day retreats.

Whether a student is considering the possibility of training to be a full-time yoga teacher or whether they just want to “take a meditation break” and explore the yogic lifestyle, these Bali yoga retreats are an excellent place to start.

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Blooming Lotus Yoga’s experienced teachers will not just be teaching the mechanics of how a particular posture is to be performed, however. At Blooming Lotus, they will also be aiming to demystify some of the secret practices of yoga that, in their view, can truly transform lives. Yoga Nidra will be working not only with chakras, but with Ayurveda, which is one of the world's oldest holistic healing systems. In addition, the teachers will also be discussing yogic philosophy.

Mary L., a student at Blooming Lotus Yoga, said that she found the environment very comfortable and enjoyable. "The villas are very close to the river and you can hear the water flowing while you are in your room. You can literally ‘feel’ the depth of the silence. The only sounds you hear are the birds, the river and the jungle, It is incredibly natural and relaxing."

Offering attendees, the experience of a unique Bali yoga retreat in the town of Ubud, and unlike many yoga centers, attending students will also have the opportunity to take in Balinese culture and cuisine. It is said that for the Balinese, the natural world is infused with spiritual energy. They have a deep and profound connection to the invisible energy abundant in nature and for them, it has a tangible reality. The whole Balinese culture is impregnated with rituals and ceremonies that honor the invisible force that in yoga is called “prana,” or the all-pervading cosmic energy. This pranic force permeates all of life and for the Balinese is as real as the air they breathe.

Each of the yoga retreats includes two cultural experiences in the nearby town of Ubud. There are daily shuttles that leave the center every afternoon. So, if a visitor chooses to eat somewhere other than at the retreat to further their Balinese experience, that is now possible.

According to a recent article in the Minds Journal, a visit to a yoga retreat in Bali will “open your heart.” Some visitors are simply people drawn to the meditative stillness of sitting mindfully and quietly with fellow humans. Others just want to speak with a fellow human being who is not constantly glued to a phone or tablet or some other such device. The journal suggests that whichever is the case, a yoga retreat in Bali may be just what is needed.

Even though students are encouraged to live a simple life at the retreat, modern technology in the form of Wi-Fi is available although not everywhere within the compound. Visitors are encouraged to turn their devices off and to be away from their screens as much as possible.

“Yoga helps you find your core,” said Lucy, a retreat attendee. “It helps you to realize that you may be running so fast that you haven’t really had time to reflect – you know where you are, but you have no idea where you’ve been. I don’t think that I will ever be the same person again.”

The Mind’s Journey website also talked about the need for relaxation in modern life – and that at these yoga retreats, attendees would be taught to relax. “You are brought back to the simple state of life, where you can breathe, talk to real people, and have meaningful conversations, which will allow you to open yourself up a little more.”

As always when attending a Blooming Lotus Yoga offering, a portion of the fee is sent to help the less fortunate in Bali and in India. “We consider sharing and kindness as part of our lineage,” said one of the resident teachers.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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