Twin Cities PC Repair Talks About Computer Cleaning For The New Year

January 06, 2020
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Minneapolis based computer repair and virus removal company Twin Cities PC Repair is pleased to announce the launch of their new blog post, which covers cleaning one’s computer for the new year. With the year 2019 having come to an end, most people see this as an opportunity to renew many aspects of their lives. Similarly, this time of year might be the perfect opportunity to renew one’s computer as well. “The new year can mean resolutions and promises for a ‘new you,’” says the blog post. “One way to start this year feeling more in control is to clean up your computer.”

At the end of the year, people tend to buy a lot of new items, both online and in brick and mortar stores, which often leads to them having to provide their email address to multiple stores and sites which, in turn, leads to them being on multiple mailing lists. This means that they end up receiving dozens of emails and newsletters that clutter their inbox. These extra messages make it difficult to find and focus on the more important emails that are actually relevant to their interests. Twin Cities PC Repair recommends that, instead of manually deleting every unwanted email, users should unsubscribe from every mailing list they have no desire to be on. This will make it so, in the future, the user does not need to worry about their inbox filling up with useless emails.

Another step they can take to clean up their computer for the new year is clear bookmarks that are no longer needed. “To make things easier, we’ll bookmark sites we visit often or put a page we want to return to on a reading list,” says the blog post. “By the end of the year, we have marked many sites that we don’t even remember favoriting in the first place. 'When was I interested in this?' Getting rid of any bookmarks for passing interests can help you navigate the Web better this year.”

Over the course of a year, most internet users will download a lot of media and programs, often downloading multiple copies of the same file by mistake. A full download folder takes up a great deal of space and can even cause one’s computer to slow down. This is why it is important to clear out one’s download folder when carrying out a computer cleaning project at the beginning of the year. This also applies to the Recycling Bin. “Items you put in the trash or recycling bins at home take up space until you take those bins to the curb or the dump, and the same is true of your computer trash or recycling. Empty these bins by selecting 'empty trash' on your Mac Finder menu, or 'empty Recycle Bin' after clicking on the bin icon in Windows 10,” the blog states.

Finally, it is important to get rid of unused applications. Keeping useless applications on one’s computer leads to the PC becoming slower and having less storage space than one might like, and it is important to ensure this does not happen. When cleaning out one’s computer at the start of the year, it is crucial to make sure that no space is wasted on unused programs and files. Twin Cities PC Repair recommends that one remove any and all files they are not using.

Twin Cities PC Repair offers dependable expert computer repair services. “We support all your computer repair and IT-related needs, even contact with outside vendors, giving our residential clients a single point of contact to resolve any problem, no matter what needs attention,” says the company. “We offer computer and networking services to residential clients. Our services include, but not limited to, help with setup, troubleshooting, maintenance, training, computer repair and general help across a wide variety of systems. Repair services can be performed remotely, at home, or at our office location. We are true technology enthusiasts; our technicians are industry experts and take great pride in their work.”

Find out more about the computer repair services available at Twin Cities PC Repair online at their official website and other online resources. Interested parties may contact Patrick Jensen of Twin Cities PC Repair to make further inquiries.

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