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Holstery Produces New Tape Measure Holder

January 07, 2020
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Anyone in search of a high quality tape measure holder need not look any further than Moscow, ID based Holstery’s hand-made tape measure holders. The company produces all kinds of high quality holsters for a wide range of applications. Manufactured in a small workshop in Moscow, the holsters are created using the latest, most innovative technologies (like CNC machines and 3D printers) to produce the most durable and useful tool holders on the market. Holstery’s attention to detail and commitment to producing a top quality product is what sets them apart from similar items in this category.

“Who carries a tape measure around all day?” asks Josh Hartung of Holstery. “The people that get things done. The people that make sure things are right. People like you. When you're on the job, you carry that tape with you all day because you need it all day no matter what you find yourself doing. I set out to build the world’s best tape measure holster from tactical materials and stainless steel, and that's what you're looking at. It's about time.”

The tape measure holders from Holstery are designed to be better in every way, and the high performance they have come to be known to offer among Holstery’s customers is proof of this. According to Holstery, the tape measure holder, “Holds on like a tiny, tape-measure eating pit-bull—but a well-trained one that lets go when you ask nicely,” and each holder is, “battle tested. They also feature a replaceable belt clip that was designed to hold firearms. The glass filled nylon construction has a tang at the bottom made to wrap underneath belts up to 1.75” in width. This means the holster stays in place whether one is crawling through an attic, getting out of a truck or chasing down a criminal.

Holstery holsters are ultra light and nearly indestructible, according to the description on the company’s site, and are made using several high grade materials designed for other fields, such as aircraft and firearms. Every holster is built by hand using only the finest materials and comes with a lifetime warranty. If anything goes wrong with any of the holsters, one can trust that Holstery will find a way to rectify the issue.

The company is run by Hartung, a resident of Idaho who works to support his family by producing high quality products in the US, for the US. The company is relatively small, with everything being hand made locally. Josh makes use of his skills and knowledge as a mechanical engineer to produce high quality items, using the newest and most advanced techniques like CNC machining, 3D printing and membrane vacuum forming. Through these techniques, he is able to make the lightest, most durable holsters on the market. Learn more here: Made In The USA.

“I worked in the trades for years and struggled with tool belts,” says Josh. “I find myself doing multiple jobs in a day—in the morning I'm framing, afternoon finish carpentry, evening electrical. Traditional tool belts are massive and bulky, or cheaply made and poorly thought out. I went through most of the ‘traditional’ tool belts and never found something that matched my way of working. I started Holstery to build a lightweight, modular, and ultra-high quality tool belt system that will last a lifetime. I hope you like it.”

Hartung’s work has been very well received by his customers, with a number of them leaving highly positive reviews. “Very durable and functional,” says a customer in a review on Holstery’s website. “The fact that it has a clip is really nice too; you don’t have to weave it through your belt each morning. I’m really enjoying using this holder. I was using a Milwaukee tape measure and it was very difficult to slide in. I’m not bashing the holder, just keep in mind that certain tapes might fit better with this product. I recently bought a Klein tape measure and it works very well with the holder. Strongly recommend this product!”

Find out more about the company, their products and order one of their tape measure holders on Holstery’s website. Interested parties are also welcome to reach out to Josh Hartung to follow up on any further inquiries.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Holstery helps you carry better. Fusing tactical materials with clever design, Holstery builds tool holsters that blow the traditional guys out of the water.

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