Ryan Garry Explains What a CSC Charge is in MN

January 29, 2020
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Ryan Garry from the Ryan Garry LLC law firm in Minneapolis, Minnesota, has recently published a blog post explaining what a CSC charge in MN prosecutors can impose. According to the article, CSC stands for criminal sexual conduct and there has been an intensive effort to prosecute CSC crimes in Minnesota and in the US District Courts. Currently, people who get convicted of such crimes get mandatory prison sentences and other consequences that have previously not existed only a few years ago. The government has several prosecutors working on each case file, not to mention the scores of victim advocates and other court staff who are making extra efforts in trying to convince the judge to impose the harshest of penalties to the defendant. The problem is that sometimes, the supposed “victim” had simply made up the story or exaggerated what had truly happened, and in such cases, it is important for the person charged to get the help of an experienced criminal lawyer.


CSC charges mn

Ryan Garry explains, “If you are charged with any felony level criminal sexual conduct offense, and are convicted of any crime not even related to the original offense, the law requires that you register as a criminal sexual and predatory offender. You can imagine how such a conviction would ruin your life. It is imperative that you hire a criminal sexual conduct lawyer the moment you believe you are under investigation.”

Ryan Garry has obtained a lot of experience as a sex crimes lawyer in Minnesota. He has represented clients from all aspects of life when they have been charged with CSC. The clients, according to various criminal cases, range from doctors to lawyers to college students. It is important to note that anyone can be charged with CSC crimes even if there is absolutely no evidence that a CSC crime had been committed. Ryan Garry had represented people who have been charged with a CSC crime simply based on an alleged “victim’s” story to the police.

It was often the case that the supposed “victim” had a motive is concocting a story that the individual had committed a CSC offense. In one instance, the “victim” and the supposed “offender” were both married to other individuals and had sex as a result of their drunkenness. Naturally, the supposed “victim” wouldn’t want to admit to the illicit affair and instead made up a story, alleging that the other person had forced them into committing the sexual act.

Ryan Garry points out that blaming the “victim” may appear to be insensitive to the general public, but there were indeed many cases where the “victim” had actually made up the story or exaggerated what had truly transpired between the “victim” and the supposed “offender.” Unfortunately, sometimes the result was that the case ruined the client’s life, even after Ryan had successfully obtained a dismissal of the charges.

Ryan Garry LLC is a private law firm based in downtown Minneapolis. They have the experience to take on all types of crimes in state courts and in federal courts. The Minnesota State Bar Association has certified Ryan Garry as a criminal law specialist. Also, all of the lawyers in the firm have either been recognized by their peers in the state as a Superlawyer or a Rising Star Superlawyer. This kind of recognition has only been achieved by the top five percent of criminal defense lawyers in Minnesota. Furthermore, Ryan Garry has managed to be on the list of the Top 100 Lawyers in Minnesota for 2018 and 2019.


People who would like to learn more about CSC charges and how a criminal defense lawyer can help if they have been charged with such an offense, may want to learn more about Ryan Garry. They may also want to visit the firm’s website, or contact them on the telephone or through email. They are open 24 hours a day, everyday of the week.

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