The Flood Co. Oversees New Water Damage Cleanup Project In Park City, Utah

January 14, 2020
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Centerville, UT based The Flood Co. is pleased to share new information regarding a flooded house that they are currently working on. The disaster response company specializes in helping homeowners and businesses address water and mold damage as well as smoke and fire damage. They have a variety of locations around the state, and they are always ready and willing to answer a call for help dealing with emergency situations of this nature.

At this particular home, The Flood Co. states that the problem was initially caused by a water leak in the master bedroom, which occurred when a pipe situated within the walls burst and began flooding the house. Unfortunately, this pipe failure went completely unnoticed at first because the owners were asleep at the time, allowing the water to spread unabated for some time before the company arrived onsite. While it is unfortunate that the owners were unable to spot the leak in time to limit the damage it caused, The Flood Co. is doing all they can to restore the house to its former state. Given their vast experience in the field and their team of skilled personnel, the owners can rest assured that every possible avenue for restoration is being explored.

However, the company observes that this leak may actually have been preventable. Over the course of their investigation, they discovered that an aftermarket fireplace had been installed by the owners. The chimney exhaust heated the fire suppression systems water line that was resting on the exhaust vent wall, thereby melting the PVC pipe and weakening its integrity to the point that it burst and flooded the house.

They state, “Your home’s renovations and upgrades must always be made with the existing structure and its utilities in mind. Whatever new amenities you choose to add should be carefully integrated with the rest of the house so that none of these systems clash.” It is for this reason that the company suggests homeowners should utilize the services of professional, experienced contractors when they want to go through with such changes. However, they recognize that such incidents can catch even the most cautious homeowners by surprise, so the latter should seek the help of similarly experienced disaster relief experts in order to promptly and efficiently address the damage to their home.

At the moment, the company is wary of the fact that such extensive water damage may produce an environment that supports the growth of mold. As such, their mold removal specialists are on hand to assess the situation as their recovery work progresses, making sure that air quality remains safe for both the house’s inhabitants as well as their employees. They may test for mold by relying on visual confirmation—brown or black stains on the wall or ceiling may suggest a mold infestations. They may also identify mold growth by the telltale smell that propagates in some situations. Should mold be discovered, The Flood Co. will promptly and efficiently ensure that it is removed.

“When you need Park City Utah mold removal services, The Flood Co. is the first place you should call,” asserts the company on their website. “There are literally thousands of different types of species of mold and many of these can grow in your Park City, Utah home. With all of these types of mold, it can be very difficult for a homeowner to determine if they have a mold problem which needs to be addressed.”

They continue, “If you suspect you might have mold in your home, we guarantee that we will provide the best Park City, Utah mold removal services you can find. Don’t worry about fixing the mold problem yourself, our professional staff can do it quickly and safely, ensuring you can continue living in your Park City, Utah home without the severe health risks caused by mold growth.” Learn more here: Water Damage Cleanup Park City Utah.

The company can always be reached through their customer service hotline if homeowners or businesses in Utah discover they have an emergency situation that falls under the domain of the experts at The Flood Co. More information is also available on their website, and interested parties may reach out to Daryl Olsen of The Flood Co. directly to follow up on any further inquiries.

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The Flood Co. has been providing Northern Utah with disaster repair services for over 20 years.

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