Advanpro Furnace Cleaning Of Calgary States That Duct Cleaning Can Reduce Asthma Symptoms

January 03, 2020
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Calgary, Alberta based Advanpro Furnace Cleaning is reaching out to their community to explain how duct cleaning can help reduce asthma symptoms and other allergies. The company has shared information on several cases that have proven how a family's health can be severely affected by the accumulation of dust and other germs in their ventilation system, triggering allergy symptoms and threatening their overall health. More information on the Calgary furnace cleaners is available here:

Rhys Evans, a representative of Advanpro Furnace Cleaning, says, "This is a very common occurrence in households all across the country, where we see that an old HVAC system that has not been cleaned properly in years will show a significant build-up of grime, dust, pet hair, and germs. These particulates are cycled throughout the house over the ventilation system, and while the house’s residents may not notice it at first, allergies can be developed over time. Similarly, asthma symptoms can worsen to the point where medical intervention is necessary."

As the company states, a house's residents do not know the source of their allergies in most cases, as it seems their condition does not improve even though they keep their house in pristine condition via constant vacuuming and cleaning. Professional help is the only way to move forward in these situations, as Advanpro Furnace Cleaning asserts that duct cleaning encompasses more than simple removal of dust from a ventilation system.

"Depending on how long it has been since the system was last cleaned, a different approach may be necessary to ensure the best result," states Evans. He adds that houses that are long overdue for an HVAC system clean may experience an obstruction of the ventilation system, reducing the house's airflow and creating a fire hazard on top of the already-present health threats.

Evans continues, "Our services involve a thorough cleaning along with sterilization of the system and the removal of any obstructions found within the ventilation system. This ensures that the house's airflow returns to normal, reducing the risk of developing allergies or worsening asthma symptoms due to extended exposure to germs and dust present within the system. We also take care of replacing the dust filter where necessary, which should be enough to ensure that your system stays clean and works properly for the next 12 months, after which another cleaning session will be necessary. Our expertise allows us to handle projects of all sizes for both commercial and residential environments, guaranteeing the best results regardless of our client's needs."

More information on Advanpro's duct cleaning services is available here:

The local company has provided top of the line duct cleaning services to the Calgary community for several years, becoming the preferred option for local residents when it comes to the cleaning of their vents, furnace, or any other part of their HVAC System. Their extensive expertise and knowledge has earned them recognition as one of Calgary's best furnace cleaning companies. They have received nearly 400 positive customer reviews on the Google platform alone.

In their Google review, Lana Wilson says, "Steve and Tim are some of the friendliest guys that have come into my home. They did an amazing job and left no dirt or dust behind. They also took the time to make my animals comfortable with them invading their space. I will definitely recommend your team to my friends and family. Thank you again, guys."

Another testimonial for their services, written by Patrice Cantin, states, "Steve and Greg were great! They were on time, courteous, knowledgeable and professional. They provided great tips to help prolong the life of my furnace along with recommendations for future services and maintenance. I highly recommend them."

Advanpro's service includes Duct & Vent Cleaning, Furnace & Hot Water Tank Repairs, Installation, and Maintenance, and Air Conditioning Maintenance & Repairs. Interested parties are invited to visit the company's website to look up further information on these services. They may also get up to date with the company's latest news through the following link:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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