CCTV Drainage Survey Inspection Advised By RSJ Drains Unblocking To Home Buyers

January 13, 2020
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CCTV Drain Surveys London

Staff at RSJ Drains recommend to everyone buying a home in London, that they get the property drainage inspected with a CCTV camera. These drain surveys, when done by a responsible and highly trained company like RSJ Drains, can save a prospective home buyer thousands of Pounds in unexpected expenses after buying a property. The company lists this among the many reputable drain services that they offer.

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Company manager, Carl Rumsey, had this to say on the subject, “One of the biggest risks when buying a new home is the possibility that there may be hidden problems that don’t appear until after someone has taken possession of a home. That’s why people get roof inspections, foundation inspections, and more done. It’s a way to try and protect themselves from these after the sale expenses which can amount to big money. Similarly, everyone should also get the property drains inspected with CCTV before purchasing a new home. It will help avoid what could be a costly repair and a real problem after someone has made a new home purchase.”

Rumsey went on to add that there is really is no good reason not to get a drain survey before purchasing a new home. He says they are relatively inexpensive and many times the current homeowner is willing to discount the cost of them from the sale price of the home. Rumsey says everyone should think of it as a type of insurance policy against having to do a major drain repair shortly after moving into a new home.

The company manager wanted people to note that these CCTV drain surveys are very accurate when done by experienced and factory-certified camera operators like theirs. They can find such things as even the smallest cracks in both concrete and PVC piping. During these drain inspections the cameras also often reveal clogged areas in the piping or other types of potential drain problems. The cameras that are inserted into the drain piping are attached to what is known as a crawler unit. The footage of what is seen by the cameras is transferred to the crawler’s video screen and is also recorded. Once the drain survey is finished all the recorded video footage and the subsequent report by the company will be neatly compiled on a DVD. That way it can be shown to the current owner or other interested parties if a problem with the drain lines is detected. The company has much information posted on what these CCTV drain surveys are all about on a webpage that can be viewed here at

Rumsey also said there are other good reasons to get CCTV drain surveys besides just when buying a home. These include if someone is experiencing repeated clogging in their drain system or someone wants a detailed network map of their drain system before they do any excavating in their yard. The cameras used in the CCTV drain surveys produce high enough quality video that they can even detect the infestation of any drain system by rats and other unwanted vermin.

The company offers a full range of other home and commercial drain services too. Rumsey says that among their latest offerings is the installation of specialized grates that cover exposed drain openings. These gates are specifically designed to help keep rats and other rodents from entering any open drain on a property. He says this is important because rats can cause an unbelievable amount of leakage, blocking and other damage when they have made any drain pipe their home.

Rumsey also noted that one of their most popular services is their emergency drain cleaning services. He says their emergency drain cleaning services can be taken advantage of at any time of the day or night and the company is also usually onsite within two hours after getting a request for help. Rumsey says that their advanced drain cleaning apparatus uses high pressure jetting to easily get out even the toughest drain clogs. More on the company’s advanced drain cleaning methods and the other drain services that they offer can be read about here at

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