Atlanta Institute of Music and Media Wants to Make People Aware of the Benefits of an Online Music Education

December 30, 2019
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Atlanta Institute of Music and Media wants people to know their online music courses have several benefits to offer those that take them. This Duluth, Georgia based music educator has been helping students enter various music and media professions since 1985. Now more students than ever can get access to their music curriculums thanks to their expansion into online education.

Institute President, Nite Driscoll, had this to say about the benefits that remote music certificate programs have to offer those that take them: “We here at the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media realize that there are many people out there that want a career in music but don’t have a path to attend courses in person at an institute like ours. This can be for reasons such as they are raising and supporting children, have limited financial resources or they are simply not ready to travel far from home to attend a music school. We feel these and others are not good reasons for people to give up on a music career if they really desire one. Our online certificate programs in music help more people pursue their music dreams because they offer some benefits that attending courses in person cannot.”

One of the first benefits of an online music education that Driscoll brought up was finances. He pointed out that online music courses are significantly cheaper to take advantage of than attending degree programs in person. For one the tuition itself for online courses is less expensive. Those taking online classes also do not have to worry about paying extra for room and board or having to set aside money for travel or commuting related expenses

For those that have dependents or other commitments that prohibit them from stopping work to pursue their music dreams, Driscoll says the flexible scheduling of online courses also appeals to many that take them. He says that their music certificate programs come with a "pre-packaged" syllabus that students are expected to follow. This allows students to work at their own pace and schedule study and practice around their individual schedules. He also mentioned that there is no more convenient way to get an education than for people to do it right from where they live. When people study from home, they can get their education without adding any more headaches to their already hectic schedules.

Driscoll also says that people don’t have to worry about the quality of the education that they will get when taking online courses from them either. Their online music curriculums are designed and taught by the same renowned music and media instructors that teach their in-person degree programs. He says that those that take their online certificate programs also will be able to communicate with teachers and peers just like they would in a normal classroom setting. People taking courses also can record the lessons from their instructors so they can play them back as often as necessary to master that particular lesson.

This music institute even has an online solution for those who would like to explore the possibility of making music a professional career. Driscoll talked more about this more by saying, “For those who think they want to enter different facets of the music business but are not completely sure yet, we offer several excellent online preparatory courses that will help introduce them to the business. Those interested can choose between introductory courses that cover guitar, bass, drums, keys, voice, music production or audio post-production. It’s a great way for people to get their feet wet as far as what it’s like to have a career in music. He added that the best thing about their online music and media preparatory courses is they are completely free.”

Driscoll says that those who want to know more about any Online Music Certificate Program that the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media has to offer, they can contact admissions by phone, email or fill out one of the contact forms that can be found on their website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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