Avenues Of Life Counseling And Coaching Welcomes New Counselor

January 13, 2020
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Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching, based in Gainesville, Georgia, is pleased to welcome George Evans to the ranks of the organization's counselors. To celebrate and welcome Evans, Avenues of Life has shared information on his background, giving interested parties better insight into what they may expect when they book an appointment with the organization's newcomer.

Evans expresses his excitement at the prospect of beginning counseling sessions with clients at the organization, saying, "I am blessed to be a counselor at Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching. My focus is to help my clients experience peace and joy in their lives. Because, in God, there is always hope; no matter what the issue. Through his love and grace, we are worthy. I invite anyone who has lost his path to give us a visit, as we can certainly help you get back on track and find the happiness that you so much desire."

As a counselor, Evans has helped many clients overcome their depression, alcohol/sexual addiction, anxiety, and bipolar disorder to name a few. He specializes in these fields, helping his clients improve and build ways of communication in relationships. He shows an immense commitment to his work that he asserts is driven by his motivation to see people achieve happiness and reconciliation.

"I believe everyone can be better, regardless of how much they have struggled in the past and the path they have traveled," he says, adding that the transformation from sadness to hope inspires him greatly. "Most of the time, my clients only need a small push in the right direction to improve their lives significantly, and I am here to provide just that, along with the counseling and advice necessary to keep them from making the same mistakes in the future." Clients may sign up for their next session at the following link: Book Appointment.

Evans has always shown a great commitment to helping others in the community. Even though his childhood dream was to be a long haul trucker and cruise the highways while talking on his CB radio, he now enjoys working close to home with his wife and helping others. He has shown great empathy and understanding of other people's feelings and situations. Evans maintains that working together with his clients to assess the root of their sadness is the key to success in his counseling sessions.

"We work without placing blame on anyone, moving forward into a place free of anger, bitterness, sadness, and unforgiveness, where you will be presented with the steps and tools to continue on your avenue of life with a focus on your future as God designed," says Evans. "If you are in emotional pain, mentally depressed, and spiritually stressed, despite smiling physically, I reassure you there is a way to find true happiness and achieve amazing things through self-acceptance and improvement. We can assess your situation and devise a strategy that will be the most beneficial moving forward with you specifically, helping you overcome the challenges that you have found in life and preparing you for what is to come."

George’s wife, Elizabeth, does marriage and family counseling as well as individual therapy. While George does individual counseling, they both provide marriage counseling together. In her therapy sessions, she works alongside his clients and their families to determine the roots of their discord, helping devise strategies that will address the concerns that different members of the family possess, especially those which negatively affect their relationships.

"Many times, the chains in our families are carried down through generations, and I am here to help you to be free," she states, adding that the root of the discord often goes way back to the spouse's childhood. "There may be deeply rooted sources of anger, addiction, favoritism, jealousy, anxiety, or depression, just to mention a few of the most common issues. The important thing is to remember that, even if you are struggling with sadness, loneliness, or anxiety, please know that there is hope and there are answers in your avenue of life."

Avenues of Life Counseling and Coaching provides Christian counseling and prayer, with an approach to counseling that includes the Bible, narrative therapy, cognitive-based therapy, and solution-based therapy. Clients can visit the office directly for counseling or schedule their sessions over the phone. More information on the organization's qualifications and methods can be found on their Psychology Today page.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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