Blooming Lotus Press Announces The Release Of "The Way of Oneness" By Ramananda Mayi

January 05, 2020
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Bali based Blooming Lotus Press is pleased to announce the release of the much-anticipated book, “The Way of Oneness.” The book, the second in the Essential Teachings Trilogy is a succinct, yet comprehensive, exposition of the non-dual philosophy of the Vedas from the perspective of Shri Vidya—the world’s oldest Goddess tradition.

According to the editors of the Blooming Lotus Press, The Way of Oneness unfolds the key principles of the wisdom path of yoga with an elegant simplicity. The book highlights ‘the natural state,’ a way of living in the present that is deeply practical yet also incredibly liberating. By simply reading the words contained within the book and meditating on their meaning, one’s mind can awaken to their true Self. The publisher claims that The Way of Oneness is a complete guide to spiritual enlightenment that will awaken its readers’ to their purpose and show them how to live a truly fulfilling existence.

The Way of Oneness

“Illuminating, inspiring and insightful, The Way of Oneness is meant to provide a profound way of perception that can rapidly transform your life towards the experience of true happiness and freedom,” says Ramananda Mayi, the author of The Way of Oneness and the other books in the Essential Teachings Trilogy. “The sublime spiritual philosophy that is detailed within, coupled with the practical step-by-step instructions outlined in a simple and easy to understand way, will make the most profound non-dual teachings immediately accessible to all.”

Readers of the Blooming Lotus Press' other books have found themselves enraptured by them, and they praise the author’s work. Elena, a US reader, says, “Thank you so much for this beautiful, sacred book! The design and printing are lovely and perfect for a soul traveler. I will cherish my copy!” In another review, Rose from Australia praises the book as well, saying, “This gift of giving is graciously appreciated…I look forward to sharing these readings during Shavasana or ending our evenings of Mindfulness.”

Ramananda Mayi says, “Whether you are a beginner yogi, intermediate practitioner or even a yoga teacher with years of experience, the Essential Teachings Trilogy will help illuminate all aspects of your soul’s journey to freedom and help you embody your Divinity here and now." He is pleased to share Book 2, “The Way of Oneness” with the public, which can be purchased right now as an ebook or as a physical copy from the Blooming Lotus Yoga website. For those who want to purchase it elsewhere, this book is also available on

The previous book in the trilogy, Awakening the Bliss of Being, lays out the foundation of classical yoga as it unfolds the teachings of the Upadesha Saram, composed by the great sage Ramana Maharshi. The book outlines the four paths of yoga and condenses, within its instructions, thousands of years of spiritual wisdom. Ramananda Mayi says, “Awakening the Bliss of Being is special because its greatest beauty is its innate capacity to meet each reader exactly where they are on their spiritual journey and light the path for the rest of their soul’s journey to complete freedom. The message of the book is that all spiritual paths ultimately lead to the same destination and, once you reach the final steps, the various paths all converge into the living experience of Truth.”

Ramananda Mayi is the founder of the Blooming Lotus Yoga School of Bali, where he facilitates yoga training courses and meditation retreats. He has spent extensive time in deep retreat and silence practicing meditation and has also spent time on pilgrimage throughout Asia, meeting some of the world’s greatest living sages. An emissary of peace, love and compassion, his goal is to bridge the timeless wisdom of yoga, tantra and Vedanta with the modern world.

Those who are interested in learning more about The Way of Oneness or the other books in the Essential Teachings Trilogy can find further details on the Blooming Lotus Yoga website, where the books can also be purchased. Ramananda Mayi also has a podcast called Drops of Nectar where he guides listeners on their journey to self-discovery. He can also be found on Instagram.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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