A Local Bail Bondsman in Akron, AL is Watching for Possible Law Changes After Two Recent Kidnapping Cases

December 12, 2019
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Hale County, Ala.- Recently in Alabama, there have been multiple local cases of kidnappings following inmates being released on bond after already having a history of violence. A local bail bondsman in Akron, AL is watching lawmakers as they may choose to change the local bail bond laws. This change could cause a huge shift in the bail bonds industry within Alabama.

In the well-known case of Aniah Blanchard, the suspect was out on bond from a previous kidnapping case at the time of her abduction. Sadly, this is not the only case where this has happened recently. This was also the case in the death of an Alabama police officer and an Alabama toddler whose lives were both taken by a suspect with a violent past being released on bond.

Due to the recent violent crimes committed by suspects out on bond, state lawmakers have been discussing plans to change the way bonds can be offered to criminals with a violent past. Although, this seems like a logical step there are concerns about how this law will affect the jail population, causing overcrowding. This could also affect bail bond services in Akron, AL as the industry would see less profit which could cause an increase in rates.

Lawmakers are looking to Arizona as an example of laws to put in place. These new laws would prevent anyone convicted of a current crime to remain in custody with no option to be released on bond. The multiple heart-wrenching cases in the news lately that have added fire to lawmakers pushing these changes into law.

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