Weekly Manhattan Ballroom Society Brush-Up Classes And Social Dances Now Available

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Manhattan, NY based Manhattan Dance Reviews would like to make everyone who loves ballroom aware that Manhattan Ballroom can be enjoyed courtesy of the Manhattan Ballroom Society. A representative from Manhattan Dance Reviews says, “It is the perfect way to end the week every Friday. They hold Brush-Up Classes at 7:30 pm, which is followed by a Social Dance from 8:30-11:00 pm. For those coming to the city for the weekend, it is the best way to make spectacular memories.”

The Manhattan Ballroom Society Friday Social Dance nights out have been popular for many years. They offer a range of Friday Social Dances, including a full range of Latin Dances (that span the Bolero, Samba, Salsa, Mambo, Merengue, and Cha Cha) as well as West Coast Swing, Hustle and, of course, the full range of ballroom dances from the Waltz, Tango and other classic dances. The Friday night Brush-Up Class and Social Dance includes coffee, tea and refreshments and is a bargain at only $20 per person for the entire evening. Their venue is conveniently located at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 76th Street.

Manhattan Dance Reviews will be doing reviews of all dance available throughout Manhattan which will be available through their website. At this time of year, following the finals of shows like Strictly Come Dancing and others, many people are interested in finding the best places to learn how to dance just like the stars. The company wants to make it easy for those who have always wanted to learn a particular style or type of dance find both how to learn as well as where to show off their newly developed skills.

Manhattan Dance Reviews says, “The are many benefits of dancing, from learning a new skill to being more active. Many have turned to dance as the most enjoyable way to get in a bit of exercise and have a night out as well. From hip-hop to swing, Latin to line dancing, more people than ever are finding their inner rhythm, no matter what age they are on the outside. Ballroom dancing has always been popular for those looking to find or renew their inner romance as well. With spring and summer weddings just around the corner, we get a lot of interest from couples tying the knot, their parents and guests who wish to find out how best to brush up on their steps. We recommend the Manhattan Ballroom Society, which was founded in 1997 and offers group and private instruction, as one of the best places to enjoy learning any of the types of dance that they offer.”

With the resurgence of interest in Ballroom Dancing, the Manhattan Ballroom Society have had many enquiries from those interested in both starting to learn ballroom dancing as well as those wanting to brush up their technique to renew their enjoyment of dancing. The Manhattan Ballroom Society also offers special Wedding Dance Lessons, helping to make the big day as special as possible. For those getting married, they offer a special of a sixth lesson free when a couple takes five lessons. This helps ensure that their very first dance together is that extra special so that they can enjoy the moment rather than feel nervous about counting steps or being concerned about anything else.

Manhattan Dance Reviews concludes, “We are delighted to start the first of many reviews to spotlight the Manhattan Ballroom Society who have done so much to help many kindle and rekindle their enjoyment of dance. Whether you are dancing as an intensive sport to compete in dance competitions or just want to learn how to move on the dance floor, they can help you release your inner rhythm in a way which suits you best. Everyone deserves to have their moment to dance and enjoy the moment.”

Those who are interested in finding out more about the Manhattan Ballroom Society or Manhattan Dance Reviews can find full details on their respective websites. Inquiries about live event reviews and other aspects of Manhattan Dance Reviews’ work can be made through their Contact Us page.

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