FTL Releases New Help For Consumers

December 12, 2019
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FTL, a company which services California, has begun offering a scholarship program for people who are enrolling in trade schools in California. The company stated that living in California is expensive and that according to some research, it is ranked as one of the top three most expensive states for residents. With an increase in the cost of housing, energy, medical, day care, and other costs, many in the state are currently struggling financially. Trying to find money to send a child to college while also planning for retirement is challenging, according to James Hall, Director of Operations at FTL.

Hall explained the thinking behind the scholarship program. He said, "Education is getting out of control in today's environment. People are being left behind, and as part of the community it is important that we give back. We also believe that people go to college when, in fact, there are many trade schools and technical schools people can attend that can help them get a good job right out of school without the massive debt that a regular college education can bring."

Hall says that the good news is financial planning can be started right away. He says that many financial professionals recommend a college 529 plan. The best thing is to start right now and put away a little bit of money right away. He says that those who are interested can learn more at the Twitter page of FTL at https://twitter.com/familytitleloan

Hall continues, "Our country's future depends on the education of our children. Many of those who may qualify for and plan to attend college may not want to accumulate hundreds or thousands of dollars in student debt. Our scholarship program can help those who want to attend college and better their futures to do so without the heavy burden of borrowing."

Studies indicate that many will not be able to afford to pay for college without some sort of third party assistance. For instance, the estimated cost for attending Harvard University in 2018 is more than $70,000, and while this is a higher end university, other colleges can also be expensive. The actual aid that most students receive is just around $10,000 or less per year, which will not even touch the actual cost of going to college.

Students can, of course, get grants but only if they qualify with a low income. Those whose families make more than a specified amount of money each year are not typically eligible for free college aid, which leads them to needing student loans to cover the costs of college. Some students who get free aid also need student loans in order to finish off their college costs. Simply put, college is not cheap and FTL states that they aim to help students to avoid going into debt with their scholarship program. Studies show that some students have so much debt when they get out of college from student loans that it takes them years to pay down a loan.

FTL is a company that provides financial services without the worry of needing to have a perfect credit. The company states that they offer car title financial services without the worries of the consumer losing their car while making the payments. Hall states that a good financial history is not needed in order to qualify for the financial service and says that the company does not charge any upfront fees. He states that they offer flexible lending with access to a number of funding sources at their disposal to meet any financial need. FTL currently has more than 300 locations throughout California and states that customers who would like more information on any of their financial services can contact any of their offices directly or visit them on their official website.

FTL says that they welcome students to learn more about their scholarship program by visiting them online. The company states that their goal is to assist students who are just starting out and in helping them to avoid being so far in debt that they feel overwhelmed the instant that they graduate college. Hall says that many college graduates have so much debt when they first graduate that they are not sure where to even begin paying back that debt. He states that the company designed the scholarship so that at least a few students could begin their lives without the burden of debt. FTL invites those interested in the scholarship and more information to visit them on their official website to learn more about the scholarship that they offer and how to qualify.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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