Golden Peak Recovery in Denver Colorado Publishes Tips on How to Stay Sober During the Stressful Holiday Season

December 11, 2019
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Golden Peak Recovery in Denver Colorado has just released a new blog post. The topic of the post is "Holiday Season Tips To Remain Sober". Golden Peak knows that the holidays are especially difficult for people who just recently completed inpatient rehab and are trying to stay sober when the entire season seems to revolve around the concept of indulgence and treating one's self. Golden Peak Recovery, an addiction treatment center in Denver Colorado, reminds people in recovery that it is possible to stay sober through the holidays.

Many people stress out over the financial burden of the holiday season, as well as all the planning that goes into celebrating it. Others have bad memories associated with it. The holidays are supposed to be about joy and relaxation—but this only adds even more pressure for those who are not feeling particularly merry.

People think they need to constantly feel good during this season. This unrealistic expectation creates stress and anxiety.

In order to avoid relapse, Golden Peak Recovery recommends being smart about the events one attends. If a party is expected to involve drugs or alcohol, it might threaten someone’s sobriety, and it is better to avoid these events entirely. If that is not possible, try limiting one's stay and avoid triggers. Let a trusted friend or family member know one's goals and they can be accountability partners.

There are many events and social gatherings that don’t involve these substances, and it is certainly possible to have fun without them. In fact, the person in recovery can even organize one by informing loved ones of their sobriety. By telling people about one's status, it allows them to offer their support.

If someone in the family, or a friend, or a coworker is toxic or a bad influence, try to limit one's interactions with them for the sake of one's mental health and sobriety.

Getting overwhelmed by problems during the holidays can push people into relapse. They avoid the stress and the bad memories and emotions by drowning it out—which is what we are trying to prevent.

Golden Peak Recovery reminds readers that they don’t have to say yes to every event they are invited to. For those gatherings that can’t be avoided, consider bringing nonalcoholic drinks. Simply carrying a soda can help prevent someone from approaching and offering a drink.

For those who are unaware of the substance abuse problem someone is dealing with, one would need to have a response ready to go. It helps the situation when a person remains calm and avoid temptation when someone does offer a drink. Deciding on a response early on prevents awkwardness and gives everyone some peace of mind.

The Niznik Behavioral Health facilities also recommend staying active and practicing self-care during the holidays. Exercising regularly is good for health, and it also reaffirms the commitment to staying sober.

Remember that there are other ways to celebrate the holidays. Look for local events or even attend AA meetings. Members of AA groups often organize sober holiday events. It can be helpful to be surrounded by other people in recovery because they know exactly what someone in recovery is going through. If the holiday season is too much to handle, going to rehab for a bit is not a bad idea.

Remember, it is not necessary to go through this struggle alone. Golden Peak Recovery encourages people in recovery to have a sober companion. It could be a therapist, a friend, a family member, or any trustworthy individual who could keep a person in check during holiday events and gatherings. They will agree to hold the person accountable and help keep them away from triggers and temptations. This way, if they experience cravings, they have someone to turn to for help.

The holidays are challenging and stressful for a lot of people—and a substance abuse problem is only going to make it harder. But it is possible to get through it—and maybe even enjoy it—without ever relapsing. Golden Peak Recovery in Denver Colorado offers inpatient drug rehab as well as outpatient programs.

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