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Star Spangled Flags Keeps Jobs in America With Its American Made Flags

December 24, 2019
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Many companies talk about patriotic values, but Star Spangled Flags doesn’t just “talk the talk,” it “walks the walk.” The company believes that keeping jobs in America is one of the most important commitments any USA-based business can make.

“We believe American Flags should only be made in America,” said a company spokesman. “We not only assemble the flags here in the United States, but we buy all the materials in the United States too, and perhaps most importantly of all, we use only American labor.”

Star Spangled Flags American Flag

Star Spangled Flags prides itself on creating flags that are made to withstand anything the weather can throw at it. To this end, the company uses only heavyweight nylon and strong, reinforced stitching that will last. The flags are specially treated so that the colors do not fade when exposed to the sun and rain. No matter what conditions the flags are displayed in, they will fly properly.

The flags are made to be displayed on any type of pole, whether that’s a fixed standing pole or mounted poles such as the ones people have on their front porches. For those in need of a pole as well as a flag, the company can provide that too. All the flags made by Star Spangled can also be displayed vertically as banner flags.

“Our flags are made to the very highest standards and their quality is second to none. We are all very proud of the flags and we want our flags to be flown and seen in every community. It’s not just the Star-Spangled Banner that we make here; we also make flags for each of the state flags as well as all branches of the US Military. People may not be aware, but we also make flags for countries across the world,” said Paula Peters, Director of Customer Service at Star Spangled Flags.

The proper display of the flag is something that causes a lot of confusion for many and there is much disinformation on the Internet. Star Spangled Flags offers instructions for the correct ways to display the flag front and center on its Facebook page. In addition, there is useful information on flag-related topics as well as product updates.

High-quality flags and education around the use and display of flags are not the full extent of this company's efforts. High quality customer service is also of paramount importance to the company. They want every single customer who purchases a flag to enjoy a great experience, from initial purchase throughout the long life of the product. 100% customer satisfaction is their goal.

Robert, a new customer, said, “I needed a new flag for my front yard as the old one was starting to fade but I wanted it to be American made. There are literally thousands of sellers on the Internet and every one of them was selling flags that were ‘Made in China’ or somewhere else but not here. I complained about this on Facebook and somebody pointed me in the direction of Star Spangled Flags. Not only were their flags made in America, but the materials and workers were American too. It was just what I was looking for and I got my flag. I couldn’t be happier.”

In addition to its own website, Star Spangled Flags, like many companies in this modern technological age, explores every avenue of being available to customers. One of its favored additional channels is Amazon, and a simple search online for Star Spangled Flags on Amazon will take a customer straight to its store.

Star Spangled Flags is a proud American company and proud to be keeping jobs in America. The company's flags are the highest quality and stand out from the crowd. As it says on its website, "From the moment you open the box and see our flag in person, you will recognize that in both materials and craftsmanship, no detail has been spared." It's one of the many ways Star Spangled Flags is different from every other flag provider.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Star Spangled Flags:

Star Spangled Flags was established to produce and provide a reliable and high quality source of truly Made In USA American, State, and Military flags. They offer nylon and polyester flags as well as no-tangle flag poles.

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