Gourmante Mediterranean Living Health and Beauty Products Introduced in US Market

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Gourmante brand, based in Athens, Greece, has introduced the first products in the Mediterranean Living range of herbal food supplements and natural beauty products in the US market. Gourmante brand is active in a number of categories with the products either manufactured right there in the Mediterranean region or with recipes and formulas based on the Mediterranean lifestyle. These new products were the result of Gourmante’s partnership with a Greek research laboratory and pharmaceutical company.

Dimitrios Paraskevopoulos, founder and CEO of Gourmante, says, “We have developed the first-ever, authentic Mediterranean Herbal Food Supplement, based on Mediterranean origin, bio-active olive fruit, olive oil & olive leaf polyphenol extracts. Come and visit Gourmante website to learn more and sign up to our newsletter for the latest news on health, beauty, lifestyle & nutrition - the Mediterranean way.”

There is a vital reason for including Mediterranean olive fruit and leaf extracts in their product that can be used for cardiovascular support. Studies have shown that high intake of olive oil is linked to several health benefits, including a decrease in the risk of cardiovascular heart disease. Scientists have discovered that olive oil and olive fruit can be a rich source of polyphenols. These are natural bioactive compounds that have been found to have anti-inflammatory properties and capable of scavenging free radicals. The European Food Safety Authority Panel itself had confirmed the connection between a daily intake of 5mg of olive oil polyphenols and the protection of LDL particles from oxidative stress. As a result, the EU Commission has authorized a health claim regarding olive and olive oil polyphenols.

Studies have also shown that not all olives and olive oils are the same when it comes to polyphenol content. Also, in the Mediterranean area, there are certain varieties of olive fruits which have the highest concentrations of polyphenols. The herbal food supplement from Gourmante that can help in enhancing a person’s cardiovascular health contains QH-2™, an innovative proprietary synergistic complex from Mediterranean Olea europaea (fruit) & Olea europaea (leaf) standardized dry extracts, which provides biologically enhanced olive polyphenols. People who may want to be kept updated about developments relating to the company can follow Gourmante on Facebook.

Gourmante has optimally standardized QH-2™ in combination with the natural polyphenols of the olive fruit, oil, and leaves. It has been noted to contain a high concentration of tyrosol, hydroxytyrosol, verbascosides, oleuropein, and others in a sufficient ratio to obtain the best activity and efficacy, while at the same time being 100% safe to consume. It has been standardized in hydroxytyrosol and ensures high antioxidant activity during the DPPH radical scavenging tests.

The specific role of hydroxytyrosol has been found to be the inhibition of hydroxy-methyl-glutaryl-coenzyme A reductase (HMG CoA reductase), which is a primary enzyme in cholesterol biosynthesis. This may help in decreasing cholesterol levels in the blood, which in turn reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

In the beauty category, they are preparing to come out with their Natural Vitamin E Oil which will be soon available on Each bottle contains 28,500 IU of vitamin E oil, has a volume of 1oz. (30ml), and is intended for the skin, hair, and nails. Studies have shown that Vitamin E obtained from soybean oil offers twice the effect of synthetic Vitamin E, which is derived from petrochemicals.

This Vitamin E oil has been observed to be possibly useful in moisturizing the skin, thus preventing or treating dry and flaking skin, and for better wound healing. It may also provide temporary relief from itching and minimize the impact of the symptoms connected with atopic dermatitis or eczema. It may also help in reducing the symptoms of mild psoriasis and prevent or minimize scarring.

Meanwhile, when Vitamin E oil is combined with Vitamin C, it may serve as sun protection. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that may be capable of blocking free radicals in the body, thus helping to minimize wrinkles and maintain youthful-looking skin. Vitamin E may also be used for treating excessive dryness of the scalp. And for the nails, they may grow thicker, stronger, and brighter.

Those interested in Gourmante and its Mediterranean Living herbal food supplements and natural beauty products may also want to follow Gourmante on Instagram, or visit their website or contact them by phone or by email.

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About Gourmante :

Gourmante's mission is to promote the healthy Mediterranean Lifestyle, offering authentic, high quality, natural & safe products to help people live healthier, happier & longer.

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Mediterranean Brands P.C.
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