Denver Stem Cell Clinic Offers Choice of Better Non-Surgical Options to Joint Pain Sufferers

December 17, 2019
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Denver Regenerative Medicine wants all victims of joint pain to know that for many there are now better non-surgical options for treatment available. Whereas surgery used to be the only treatment option available once all other alternatives had failed, this is no longer the case.

Denver Regenerative Medicine was an early pioneer and proponent of advanced stem cell therapy treatments. Advances in stem cell treatment mean they can now provide many Denver citizens with alternative and often better options than conventional surgical intervention techniques.

Traditionally, many patients have had to resort to joint replacement in an effort to reduce their pain. Joint replacement involves the removal of the existing biological joint and its replacement with a synthetic prosthesis. Joint replacement surgery is difficult and painful and can result in negative long-term side effects.

Stem cell therapy treatment for joints has advanced considerably and allows Denver Regenerative Medicine to offer sophisticated alternatives to conventional joint replacement surgery.

Stem cell therapy can be highly successful in treating joint pain for many sufferers. Using the latest methods and most advanced technologies available, Denver Regenerative Medicine can use a person’s own stem cells to reduce pain by restoring damaged cells and increasing mobility and comfort for their patients.

Thanks to advances in stem cell treatment the recovery times are faster, there is less pain, immobilization with a sling or cast is not required so often, and there is the added bonus of lower cost.

Knees, elbows, shoulders, and hips are all candidates for stem cell therapy treatment. But it is not just those areas that can benefit from stem cell therapy. Back pain sufferers can also be candidates for non-surgical treatment.

Denver stem cell therapy for back pain is now a truly viable alternative to conventional methods of treatment. Lower back pain is one of the most common and debilitating conditions that will be experienced during a person’s lifetime. Lower back pain is insidious in the way that it can affect every waking moment.

Conventionally, treatments for this condition included over the counter pain medication, physical therapy, Chiropractic, steroid injections, and surgery. Most sufferers start with simple pain medication and then escalate their treatment as time goes by. Eventually, many patients opt for surgery as the only treatment left to them. Unfortunately, many lower back surgical procedures are unsuccessful despite months of painful rehabilitation.

Stem cell therapy offers a new alternative to the traditional route of treatment. New advances mean that it is now possible to use a patient’s own stem cells to treat this condition.

A procedure is performed in Denver Regenerative Medicine’s clinic to harvest a patient’s own stem cells, which are then concentrated to maximize their healing ability and injected directly into the spine. Once injected, the cells migrate to the inflammation responsible for causing the back pain and interact with the aggravated nerves and tissue. As a result of this interaction, the inflammation subsides, and the body’s normal healing process takes over resulting not only in returning function but a dramatic subsidence of pain.

Dillon M., a Denver native, said, “I had had lower back pain for years and had tried everything short of surgery. Over the counter meds were no help at all; even pain medication from my doctor didn’t help. Surgery was suggested but I really didn’t want to go there. Denver Regenerative Medicine was recommended to me by a friend. So, I tried them. The whole procedure took less than two hours and I didn’t need anesthesia. I couldn’t believe how much better I felt in such a short time.”

Keeping up to date with the latest advances in stem cell techniques, Denver Regenerative Medicine continues to offer Denver alternatives to painful surgery. After a consultation, a customized treatment regimen is created that maximizes the potential benefits of stem cell therapy.

Denver Regenerative Medicine can be contacted by email through their website or by telephone. Those needing or wishing to visit personally can find directions by clicking on this link:

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