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HBP Painting Makes the Switch to Low Voc Paints for House Painting in Winter

December 16, 2019
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Interior Painting

An O'Fallon, Missouri paint contractor has just announced they will be switching over to low VOC paints for use on their winter interior painting projects. HBP Painting is a family-owned business that has established a reputation for doing quality home and commercial painting work. The low VOC paint they are using addresses many concerns that homeowners have about getting winter interior painting done.

Co-owner, Cody Hartrum, elaborated on this more by saying, “In the past, people have been reluctant to get their homes painted in the winter. A big reason for that is the smell that was associated with the application of latex and oil-based paints. When inhaling the vapors that these paints gave off, people often complained of such ailments as headaches, nausea and dizziness. Since homes are shut up tight in Missouri during the winter months, that prevents fresh air from being circulated around a home when it’s being painted. This tends to make people who are sensitive to the smell of these paints reluctant to get interior painting done during the colder winter months. The introduction of low VOC paints into the painting marketplace has changed all this. Low VOC paints emit very little impactful vapors as they are being applied and when drying. Many people do not even smell them anymore after they have been drying for just a short period of time.”

Hartrum went on to say that VOC is an acronym for "volatile organic compounds". They are ingredients that are added to latex and oil-based paints to help them dry faster and last longer. Paint manufacturers now have come up with paint formula additives that have the same impact on paints without the potentially troubling side effects. He says that these new low VOC paints have now become the norm when interior painting is being done.

During the winter months, HBP Painting does many residential interior painting jobs. By offering low VOC paints for use when doing these painting tasks, it’s another way the company does everything possible to give their customers a satisfying painting experience. Hartrum says low VOC paints have not only made winter painting easier on their customers, but they have made winter a more desirable time than ever to do interior painting. He says this is because moisture and humidity levels are lower at this time of year. This helps paint set up faster so it better resists premature cracking and peeling. The company co-owner also mentioned that some good seasonal painting discounts can usually be had during the winter months too.

Hartrum also stated that they offer other winter painting services besides just home interior painting. He says the winter months are a great time to get kitchen cabinets painted. This is a much more affordable option than kitchen cabinet replacement and the finished look can really make a statement. Hartrum added that the colder months can also be used to get the jump on planning any exterior painting projects a homeowner wants to commence during the spring.

HBP Painting has a long history of doing successful painting work in the O’Fallon area. The company was founded by Cody Hartrum’s father, Richard, back in 1983. The father was the one that established the company’s principles of combining high-quality workmanship with an excellent customer service experience. When the father decided it was time to pursue some other ventures, he passed the business onto his sons Cody and Zach. Hartrum added that they are a painting contractor that also makes sure they price their services fairly.

For those in O’Fallon and the surrounding area who are interested in winter interior painting or any of the other painting services the company offers, HBP Painting has a convenient ‘request a consultation’ form on their website. The form only requires the filling out of such basic information as a name, phone number, email, and a short description of the type of painting the customer needs to be done. Once those at the company receive this information, they will quickly get back to that customer to discuss their painting needs further and answer any questions or concerns that customers may have.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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The Hartrum family has been in the painting business for five generations and over 30 years. Richard Hartrum, who followed his forefathers in the painting business, founded Hartrum Bros. Painting in 1983.

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