BCTL Explains Title Pawns Through Website Update

December 11, 2019
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Big Car Title Loans, otherwise known as BCTL, has recently updated its website with new educational information for its customers. The San Diego based financial aid provider’s website now provides a lot of information on how to get cash using one’s vehicle as collateral and how the application process works.

Many vehicle owners have been opting to use their car titles as collateral when in need of emergency funds, this is due to how much quicker and easier the process is than applying to a bank and waiting days, or even weeks, for a response that may not be helpful in any way. Using one’s car title, one needs to only apply and wait for the application to be approved, their credit and financial history are very rarely taken into account at all. BCTL understands that almost anyone can have a financial emergency, and that they don’t always have the money to handle it. This is made worse by the fact that often people who find themselves facing such an emergency have very bad credit which makes it difficult, if not completely impossible to get the emergency cash they need anywhere else. Visit the company’s site at Title Pawn San Diego.

“Regardless of whether you have poor credit, or no credit, been through a foreclosure or bankruptcy, we can help you get the money you need,” says the company. Since the applicant’s vehicle title is used as collateral to secure the funds they need, credit is not as big of an issue as it would normally be. The company has the ability to secure and provide the money their clients need within 24 hours of the application being made, sometimes even coming back with a response within a few hours.

Even though it is much easier than the process of applying for financial aid from a bank, when one applies for financial aid from BCTL, they must meet certain requirements. Firstly, they must be at least 18 years old as the process requires that one be a legal adult. The applicant must own the car outright, and there must be no liens on the car title. The applicant must also provide proof of income and proof of insurance, along with a government issued ID. One does not need good credit, and the amount they receive is determined by the value of their car, more valuable vehicles allow one to apply for a larger amount of cash. Applicants who are on unemployment may still qualify for financial aid from Big Car Title Loans in San Diego. As the company’s site says, “As long as your income is greater than $1200 per month, you can apply for our San Diego title loans. You don’t have to be employed, just have a steady income. This income could come from disability, social security, etc.”

Many San Diego residents have sought financial aid from BCTL and found the entire experience pleasant. These clients have left reviews on both Yelp and Google Maps praising BCTL for their service. One Google Maps review gives the financial aid provider five stars, stating, “I don't tend to apply for loans of any kind, but I needed some extra money and didn't have any other options. I applied for a vehicle title loan at this San Diego lender, and they were able to get me over $6,000. While it's more than I needed, I won't complain. The customer service was great and their rates are pretty good too. Definitely worth calling to see what you could get.”

Another review on the same platform also gives the company five stars stating, “This is the place to go if you need cash quickly. I can't say how appreciative I am for this company and how fast they handled my needs. They got me the cash I needed quickly and effectively. The company was patient with me as I asked questions and I am forever grateful for them.”

Vehicle titles can be a quick and easy source of temporary cash in emergencies if one knows where to look, and companies like Big Car Title Loans are out to help the people of San Diego get the cash they need without them having to wait days at a bank only to be told that their application has been unsuccessful. Find out more at San Diego Title Pawn.

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