Minnesota Truck Accident Attorneys Handling Injury Cases Involving Big Rig Accidents

December 18, 2019
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The Trucking Lawyers - Big Rig Accidents, a firm based in Inner Grove Heights, Minnesota, has announced that they handle cases involving big rig truck accidents. Specifically, those who have been injured in a truck accident involving big rigs may want to request for a free consultation with one of the truck accident lawyers at the firm. Big rig trucks are different from personal vehicles because a special set of federal and state regulations govern commercial trucks. It is often the case that a violation of these regulations is the cause of a trucking accident. A truck accident and injury attorney is well-versed on these regulations and can help explain these to victims of big rig truck accidents.

One of the co-founders of The Trucking Lawyers, says, “The first step that your truck accident lawyer will help you with in a trucking case is to determine who is at fault and what the damages are. Evidence, including photos, police reports, insurance reports and hospital documentation, is very important here. This evidence shows the two most important aspects of the case. First, that the incident was caused by some form of negligence related to the driver, trucking company or both. Second, that certain damages were sustained as a result of the accident and the amounts of these damages.”

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In Minnesota, all claims regarding trucking accidents are under the state’s comparative fault statute. Within this extensive truck accident law, there are two things that people involved in these kinds of lawsuits need to know. First, fault can only be established by providing evidence that there was some form of negligence and that this contributed to the accident. Second, liability can be divided into a number of ways because Minnesota is a comparative negligence jurisdiction. Thus, it is possible for several people to be held responsible for the same accident.

Thus, the first step that the truck accident attorney will do is to find out who is at fault and what are the damages. The evidence will include police reports, photographs, insurance reports, and hospital documentation. There are a number of common causes of truck accidents that involve violation of federal regulations. These include: the driver being under the influence of alcohol or other drugs or was in possession of them; the driver’s ability or alertness for properly operating the vehicle was impaired by fatigue; the critical parts and accessories of the truck were not compliant with federal standards; the freight or cargo was not appropriately secured; or the driver was forced to drive at illegal speeds to comply with a deadline.

After a lawsuit has been filed against the truck driver or company for negligent actions resulting into substantial personal injuries, there will a decision with regards to a settlement that will award damages to the plaintiff. This may take a long time and the settlement amount may be affected by various factors. As a result of the truck accident, economic, non-economic and punitive damages may be awarded to the plaintiff.

Economic damages will be based on medical bills, repair bills, lost wages, and more. Non-economic damages have to do with the suffering and pain experienced by the plaintiff as a result of the accident. The jury will determine an amount that they believe is appropriate for a particular case. In some cases, the court will award punitive damages when a company is sued. The purpose is to warn the company that they have to fix the problem that resulted into the truck accident.

There are various factors that determine how much a personal injury case is worth. These include: the amount of pain and suffering involved; the extent of the injuries; the amount of insurance coverage; the cost of all medical bills including future ones; the amount of past and future lost wages; the ability of the victim to continue working; and the victim’s ability uphold his or her lifestyle.

Those who want to see more information about The Trucking Lawyers can visit their website or contact them on the phone or through email.

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