Active Body Chiro-Care Offers Herniated Disc Treatment

December 17, 2019
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Active Body Chiro-Care, based in Los Angeles, California, has announced that they are offering herniated disc treatment. A herniated disc is a common spinal issue and can result into serious pain and mobility problems. This condition occurs when the cushion in between the spinal discs, which is supposed to prevent two discs from rubbing against each other, gets damaged or is dysfunctional. A herniated disc can cause nerve irritation, pain, weakness in the extremities, and numbness.

Dr. James Hogan, who heads the chiropractors at Active Body Chiro-Care, says, “Your first line of treatment for a herniated disc should involve non-surgical procedures with a chiropractor. This will help you avoid using addictive pain-killers or undergoing invasive surgery that can cause more problems than it fixes.”

Dr. Hogan continues, “We have a wide variety of treatments available to help you with your herniated disc. First, the diversified technique, which is a form of chiropractic adjustment can help realign your spine and stop spinal disc degeneration. And the activator technique also allows the chiropractor to make small but precise adjustments to your spine to relieve pressure through the use of a small spring-loaded device. This can also help restore normal blood flow to your spinal discs, and increase the flow of nutrients and oxygen to areas that have been damaged.”

Several techniques may also be applied on the spine in some cases to help restore the health of the spine. The chiropractor may also help develop a customized physical therapy exercise program that can be followed by the patient at home. This will be instrumental in helping build strength in the neighboring muscles and ligaments that are there to support the spine and neck, with the result that the healing process is accelerated.

Complementary modalities can also be integrated into their holistic treatment program. These include massage therapy, Kinesio taping, nutritional counseling, and trigger point therapy. These modalities will work synergistically to accelerate healing. Dr. Hogan and his team can treat a variety of conditions. These include herniated discs, chronic back pain, muscle strains, headaches, whiplash, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, neck pain, and injured hamstring.

Dr. Hogan points out that the spine is a complex network of bones, nerves, muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Just one of its components that is out of alignment can result into pain. Dr. Hogan and his team perform gentle spinal manipulations that will reposition that element and put it back in its proper place.

Active Body Chiro-Care can also serve those who need a sports chiropractor in Santa Monica and other places in Los Angeles. When an athlete is injured, the usual technique of resting and icing up the injury does not really address the underlying cause of the injury. The result is that the athlete will suffer from lingering stiffness and soreness and the injury will often take a longer time to heal than if treated by a chiropractor at the start.

The chiropractor can also help reduce the risk of aggravating old injuries and re-injury. Chiropractic treatment can minimize pain and inflammation and reduce the sports injury healing time. The sports chiropractor can also provide lifestyle advice that can help athletes remain free from injury while practicing the sport they love.

Chiropractic treatment for sports injuries will usually involve several treatment sessions over the course of several weeks. However, many of the patients have experienced feeling better even after just a single treatment. It is indeed possible to get healed from sports injuries without resorting to the use of painkillers or surgery. And what is more important is that athletes will be able to have full range of motion, enhanced nervous and immune system health, and reduced soreness and stiffness, once the treatments start.

Those who are searching for chiropractic services in West Los Angeles can visit the Active Body Chiro-Care website, or contact them through the telephone or via email. The chiropractic clinic has four locations in Los Angeles: Santa Monica, South Bay, West Hollywood and Westwood. Those interested in their services can find out the office hours for their different branches by visiting their website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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About Active Body Chiro-Care:

Dr. James Hogan is a licensed Chiropractor serving the West Hollywood, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills and Hawthorne community. Dr. James Hogan works with patients of all ages and physical abilities, including professional athletes.

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Dr. James Hogan
10960 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90024
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