Roofing Company In Corpus Christi Publishes Informative Blog Post On Metal Roof Coatings

February 12, 2020
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Texas based Galvan Builders, a trusted roofing contractor in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas, has recently published an informative blog post on their website highlighting a number of coating options that can help to extend a metal roof’s lifespan.

“Metal roofs, no matter the brand, product type, or color, are only a good one if it is coated properly. Roof coatings serve as a barrier between the elements and the topmost layer of your roofing materials. Choosing the proper coating repels water more effectively, whilst guarding your roof from excessive moisture and corrosion. Roof coatings also prevent UV damage and reflect the heat away from the roof’s surface,” says David Galvan, owner of Galvan Builders.

A metal roofing system is preferred by many because of its durability, cost-efficiency, and versatility. However, a metal roof is prone to moisture and corrosion, so choosing the correct protective layer is crucial to ensure its optimal performance. There are three good options for protecting a metal roofing, and they include painting, powder coating, and anodizing.

As noted on the blog post titled, “Should I Have My Roof Powder Coated For Extended Lifespan and Durability?,” one of the most common surface protection for metal roofs is in the form of industrial grade powder coatings. Powder coating uses a process of electrostatically charged, or liquidized application of a dry powder. Once applied, the coating is baked in an oven to set, bond, and cure the coat. This process has been used for decades in both commercial and residential applications. For metal roofs, powder coating is used to extend the metal’s lifespan by protecting it from moisture, corrosion, weathering, and other external factors. Powder coating is an incredibly durable finishing technique that creates a customized look and protects surfaces for years with little to no upkeep.

Meanwhile, anodizing is another preferred coating technique for metal roofings. Anodized aluminum roofing has a protective surface coating of aluminum oxide that is applied via an electrochemical process. Because it is durable and weather-resistant, anodizing is a common, effective, and long-lasting protection for applications like standing seam metal roofing. Generally, the thicker the anodic coating, the longer it lasts. Anodic coatings create a hard and wear-resistant layer that effectively protects the underlying metal. Anodisation is not purely for protection though, because certain pre-treatments can also be applied so that the coating can take on various colors. Most importantly, the oxide layer is fully integrated in the material and forms a strong molecular compound that fully protects the metal surface from any elements that can cause corrosion.

Lastly, painting can be used to protect metal roof surfaces. Galvan Builders recommends choosing factory-painted metal roof sheets rather than doing a DIY application. He points out that polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) works exceptionally well on metal roofing even in harsh weather environments. PVDF coatings are based on resin and exhibit outstanding weathering, color retention, and durability. They are not only resistant to extreme weather, but also to chemicals, UV light, flaking, and chalking. In addition, there are also water based PVDF alternatives that can be used to recoat any exposed metal roof surfaces. Instead of replacing the roof with a new one, recoating can be done because it is cheaper and more economical. “The use of PVDF coating is becoming more and more popular not only because of its durability, but also its limitless range of color possibilities. Furthermore, some PVDF formulations can have less than 100 grams per liter VOC, which makes them more environmentally friendly when compared to other solvent systems,” Galvan said.

Those who are looking for a professional Corpus Christi metal roofing company, may connect with Galvan Builders by calling their office hotline. They are one of the most trusted metal roofing contractors in the area, with more than 36 years of experience in the construction industry. They specialize in both residential and commercial roof installation and replacement. Their services include roof repair, roof installation, gutter repair, door and window repair, and more. They also help their clients when it comes to insurance claims.

April Ocanas, in a 5 star Google review, said, “I had the best experience with Galvan Builders. My home was in need of a new roof, and the thought of finding an honest construction company was unheard of. We interviewed many companies and didn’t feel comfortable with any of them, that is until we met with David and Dina Galvan. They were honest and humble, and went out of their way to help us, and meet our needs and price point. Their work is top notch and done in a timely manner. I highly recommend them and will use them again for any of our future construction needs.”

More information can be found on the contractor’s website. Alternatively, customers may send an email or call their office hotline to request a free quote. Lastly, interested parties may connect with Galvan Builders through their official social media pages to be updated with their latest announcements.

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