Diaper Caddy Organizer Now Available on PutskA Baby Essentials New Product Page

December 17, 2019
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Baby essentials supplier PutskA has recently announced that anyone can get your diaper caddy from their recently released product page. New parents and soon to be parents, as well as grandparents, nannys and anyone else who works with young children, all need a convenient way to carry the supplies their child may need on their day to day outings, which is why PutskA recommends their diaper caddy. PutskA was founded by a couple who had just had their second child, and were struggling to find baby equipment that worked for them and their family - after one child, they knew exactly what they wanted. Figuring that other families might also be struggling to find quality essential baby supplies, they founded a small family company to share their finds with other new families who want the best for their children.

All products sold by Putska are made from materials that are environmentally friendly, non-toxic and organic whenever possible, to ensure that they are healthy and safe for families to use with their most precious and vulnerable members. They also have simple and clean designs which are still chic and stylish, because they want to provide only the best for their babies and the babies of their customers.

Diaper caddies from PutskA are renowned for their organizational abilities. The caddy has a spacious main section, which is divided securely by a reinforced “T” divider, which keeps each of the three compartments in the main section extremely sturdy and good for carrying lots of supplies. This divider is reinforced with velcro, which means it makes the entire caddy more sturdy and able to hold up to the rough life that all baby essentials are likely to face. The caddy is made of felt and has a ribbon around all the sharp edges to prevent baby, or anyone else, from hurting themselves on the caddy. The inside sections are large enough to hold bulky supplies, such as diapers, wipes, teddy bears, lotions and more. Smaller outside pockets can hold a variety of items, from snacks to small tools, scissors, even toys.

The caddy is conveniently sized to be large enough to carry everything, but small enough to fit on a standard sized changing table, in a car or even in a suitcase for easy carrying wherever the family may go. More storage ideas can be find by anyone interested if they Check PutskA on FB. The caddy also folds down for easier storage by removing the strong velcro T divider. The Diaper Caddy comes with two bibs and two pacifier clips, which also makes this caddy an excellent baby shower gift. Bibs and pacifier clips are also endlessly useful to any new parent and can also be stored in the small side pockets of the caddy. The caddy is available for purchase on amazon as well as on the PutskA website.

Customers are overall happy with the diaper caddy from PutskA, giving it an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. One recent Amazon review, from Kyrie, reads, “I held off for such a long time on buying this because I was hesitant of the price tag and now I wish I hadn't waited so long. I bought it to have in the car so that I wouldn't need a diaper bag for short trips to the store or park, but the quality is so great I might buy a second one to just make changes easier in the house without having to get up and go to the nursery. Maybe I'll buy one for Grandma's too! It's very large, sturdy, and I can already tell will last a long time. The inner pieces that create the separate sections are very well made and designed to work together, unlike other things I have seen they are not flimsy at all. Bonus: I got a few free gifts in my purchase as well, a couple bibs and binky clips! I instantly scanned their QR to get email updates and a coupon because I will absolutely be buying more of this brand in the future! This could definitely be used for anything, and would specifically make a great baby shower gift as well.”

PutskA also sells a number of other high quality, well designed baby products. Their other products include a toilet training seat with a ladder, to help toddlers reach the toilet more easily and thus have a significantly easier time learning to use the toilet. The ladder has non-slip steps, and there are two sets of sturdy handles to keep children feeling safe and secure while climbing to the seat and doing their business. Not only that, it’s so light and easy to use that most toddlers can put it in place on their own, allowing them the independence they need to confidently control their own bathroom needs. Putska also sells a potty training guide, pacifier clips, and bandana bibs, all with the same commitment to quality that they use with their diaper caddies.


Anyone interested in a diaper caddy or any other products from Putska can visit the website or contact the company for more information. They can also check PutskA Diaper Caddy on YouTube for demonstration videos and more ideas for how to organize the storage caddy.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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