Advanpro Furnace Cleaning Of Calgary Advises The Community To Clean Their Dryer Vent Once A Year

December 10, 2019
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Advanpro Furnace Cleaning, based in Calgary, Alberta, has reached out to the community outlining the importance of cleaning their dryer vent at least once a year. The company seeks to raise awareness of the safety reasons behind dryer vent cleaning, sharing how it can help reduce house fire risks and health issues. More information on the company is available here:

Dryer vents have a significant influence on a home's safety, as these are responsible for moving hot, humid air from the dryer out of the house. The maintenance of these is of the utmost importance, as its proper functioning is key to lowering the risk of house fires. Most of the time people do not know that they should be hiring a dryer vent cleaner at least once a year. The dryer vent cleaning company, Advanpro Furnace Cleaning, would like to change that by making the public more aware of the issues they face by not cleaning their vents and furnaces, so they can take action before it is too late.

Failing to clean a dryer vent regularly will inevitably lead to a large build-up of filth and dust, clogging the vent and reducing its airflow capabilities. This puts even more pressure on it than is usually necessary. Over time, this will vastly weaken the machine and can cause it to overheat, which is what can lead to a fire. In this state of clogging, just a small spark can be enough to cause a fire within the vent and this can quickly spread across the house and put the property in danger.

Cleaning the dryer vents regularly reduces the risk of gas, or carbon monoxide flooding through the house, as a simple leak could put the entire household's health at risk. This would not be noticeable at first, but continuous exposure to these gases over time can cause severe illnesses and even death. Under no circumstances, is it advisable to postpone the dryer vent maintenance, the experts urge their clients to reach out to them and inquire about their emergency services if they sense a gas leak. The company's full article has more information on this topic, and is available here:

Rhys Evans, a representative from Advanpro Furnace Cleaning, says, "We want to reassure the community that we are at their disposal for any ventilation cleaning or maintenance projects. Finding a reliable company to fulfill these kinds of projects can be challenging, but we have success stories galore that prove our expertise and knowledgeability as Calgary dryer vent cleaners."

Advanpro Furnace Cleaning offers two different yearly maintenance plans to further simplify the process of hiring a duct cleaning specialist, or furnace cleaner. They charge a monthly amount that protects their clients against any repairs or maintenance that they may need throughout their subscription period. Their total maintenance plan, at $22.95 per month, includes a no-charge silver furnace, duct cleaning, main floor dryer vent cleaning, along with several other benefits such as no-charge furnace tune-up and inspection.

Their most accessible option, at $11.95 includes all of the above benefits, except for the furnace and duct cleaning services, taking a more preventive approach towards furnace-related issues.

Advanpro Furnace Cleaning has an extensive history of excellence helping the Calgary residents keep their dryer vents clean and their houses safe. They provide a reliable service that is available on a 24/7 basis, ensuring that their clients receive the proper attention and quality of services that they deserve. All of their maintenance, repair, and cleaning projects are carried out by licensed and certified professionals, which further ensures the success of the service.

The company's website includes more information about the company Advanpro Furnace Cleaning, and all of the services that they have available in the Calgary area, including a thorough description of each. Interested parties can reach out to Rhys Evans, the representative for Advanpro Furnace Cleaning, who is the one following up on inquiries from prospective clients. Learn more about the company's residential dryer vent cleaning services by clicking the following link:

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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