Clean Group Commercial Cleaners Expands Green Cleaning Services

December 13, 2019
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Well-respected commercial cleaners, Clean Group, which has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, have announced that they are expanding the green cleaning side of their operations. Although it has always operated with green cleaning in mind the company has now decided that green cleaning should become a mainstream component of their services.

A spokesperson for Clean Group said, “We all have different views regarding the urgent issue of global warming, but Clean Group believes that we all must share the responsibility of preserving the one and only planet we have. At Clean Group we believe in doing our part by providing cleaning services that are not only safe but eco-friendly. Our aim is to help all business owners reduce their impact on the environment.”

Australia is a large country with many businesses operating throughout and so it is hardly surprising that there are many cleaning companies offering services to them. What is surprising is that so few offer green cleaning services.

Clean Group stands out from the crowd because it emphasizes eco-friendly work at every level of their operation. Companies with small offices as well as companies with big offices can all benefit from the services of socially conscious office cleaners such as Clean Group.

There are several main components to Clean Group’s approach to eco-friendly cleaning. Their first aim is to significantly reduce the use of water during any scale of clean-up operations. It’s a simple task on the face of it but one that is nearly always overlooked by others.

Hand in hand with this approach they are making every effort to reduce the need for strong chemicals. They are doing so with the help of microfibre technology. Microfibre cloths are highly effective in removing surface dirt and dust because they can trap even the smallest of particles. In addition, they are super absorbent meaning that not only is the need for chemicals reduced but also the use of water.

It is not always possible to be chemical-free, of course, and when chemicals are necessary Clean Group’s eco-friendly approach ensures that the company avoids using those containing phosphates and/or other dangerous elements.

Although it may not be an obvious element of being green, effective maintenance of the cleaning equipment used is also important. This approach ensures a long life for the cleaning equipment and minimizes that part of the carbon footprint.

Jake McGonigal, a new Melbourne business owner said, “When I started looking for a company to clean my offices, I had already decided that whoever got the job needed to be green. I have kids and I think it’s really important to do all we can to preserve the Earth for them. Clean Group stood out from the crowd because they offered a dedicated green approach which was exactly what I was looking for.”

Clean Group also has the expertise to deal with strata cleaning. Although all office areas need to be cleaned, some areas are more important than others. Common areas such as elevators, restrooms, hallways, foyers, and so on all get high traffic and as a result, they get dirtier faster and the potential for becoming health and safety hazards. It is vital that such areas get cleaned on an appropriately regular basis.

Office cleaning is not all that Clean Group does. Their green-cleaning solutions are adaptable to literally any kind of business premises. Swimming pools, schools, childcare centres, stores, medical centres, gyms, apartment buildings, etc. are all within the scope of the green services offered.

Strata cleaning in these types of premises is equally important and at times perhaps more important. High traffic areas are always a problem in any commercial building but some such as schools or hospitals can have a higher than average cleaning requirement. It is vital that common areas within buildings such as those are cleaned effectively on a regular basis. Clean Group not only offers the necessary services to deal with this but offers them on an eco-friendly basis.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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