TLE Hires New Employee and Creates Educational Material for Personal Finance

December 16, 2019
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Title Loans Express (TLE) has announced that they have a new employee, Sandra Anderson, who has been very helpful in regards to providing their services to customers. Also, they have been providing educational material for people to offer them a better understanding of managing their finances, including how to get financial assistance in times of need. TLE offers help to those who are in need of emergency funds during those situations when they are faced with a huge expenses, such as a hospital bill, house repairs, and more. They also noted that Sandra has been instrumental in helping various clients in various cities. More information about these locations can be found at

A spokesperson for TLE says, “Most people have experienced situations when we suddenly find ourselves not having enough funds but we need to pay for something, for instance, a medical bill. Sadly, not all financial institutions can fit the bill when it comes to helping your situation. If you’re in need of fast cash now, we can help you get your hands on an immediate cash resource. Best of all, you can get same-day approval!”

The spokesperson points out that TLE can provide better help compared to banks. While banks and similar institutions often require weeks before releasing the money, TLE can approve within the same day that an application is submitted. Furthermore, people who have a bad payment history and therefore have low credit score, will find it impossible to get what they need from banks. In contrast, TLE will not base its approval on a person’s credit score.

Another important feature of the financial assistance provided by TLE is that it will only require three simple steps. First, they can simply call them on the telephone or fill out an online form. The online form is simple and requires less than five minutes to finish. A company representative will then get in touch with the applicant and provide answers to any questions that they. After that, approval can be given by TLE within 15 minutes. Those who want to know more about this can visit their website at

In the second step, the customer will need to submit a number of documents, such as the car title or pink slip, proof of income, a valid ID, and the vehicle insurance and registration papers. It is advisable to have these papers ready as soon as possible because, the earlier TLE receives them, the faster the money will be released.

The third and last step is for the customers to receive their money. This can be sent to their bank account or it could be provided to them via MoneyGram, which is available in variouse retailers all over the US.

Meanwhile, some may be interested in knowing if they can still get financial help if they are still paying off their car. The answer is that it will depend on whether they have accumulated enough equity value. This equity value is mostly determined by the make, model, year, and mileage of the car.

And for those situations when the car title is not in the name of the applicant or are still paying off the car, TLE is flexible enough to make a special arrangement for their situation. The amount of money that can be obtained will depend on the equity value of the car. If there is enough equity value, people will be able to get at least $2,500 up to as high as $50,000. Those who are interested on how much they can get can simple call TLE on the phone and talk to one of the company professionals.

Another advantage of getting financial help from a company like TLE is that people can improve their credit standing if they regularly make the payments and are able to pay it off on time.

Those who are interested in getting financial help can check out the Title Loans Express website or contact them through the telephone or via email. They can also get updated on developments regarding this company through their Press Advantage media room at

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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