Knee Bursitis From Running Can Get Quick Relief By Thermopeutic's Ice Pack

December 03, 2019
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Thermopeutic, a Nevada-based company, has launched a premium ice pack that relieves knee bursitis from running. Bursitis is a common condition that is found amongst the adults or even the athletes. The knee bursitis is a condition when one or more of the bursae become inflamed. These are fluid-filled small sacs that surround the joints. In this condition, the person may suffer from redness, stiffness, swelling, etc.

Experts recommend using ice packs to reduce these symptoms. Hence, Thermopeutic has come up with premium ice back that works great for any of these conditions. It provides relief to the people who are suffering from knee bursitis from running. According to the MAYO CLINIC reports, applying an ice pack to knee around 20 minutes multiple times in a day will help to ease the pain of knee bursitis.

This ice pack is made with the proprietary cold formula that stays cold 2x long as compared to other ice packs available in the market. It is even 30% thicker than the usual ice gel packs.

According to Howard Shen, the co-founder of the Thermopeutic states, “Our premium ice pack is best for knee bursitis from running. It provides maximum comfort to the athletes or adults who are suffering from it. We understand the fundamental essence of the injury, so the premium ice packs. Hence, we have designed and manufactured straps of excellent quality. They put sufficient compression to hold the pack together in one place.”

Even the customer of this premium ice pack has commended it for its long-lasting cold gel formula, relief to the affected areas, and ease of use without any hassle. According to James, “I've been using this off and on for a week for my bursitis that recently flared up in my shoulder. I LOVE THIS! I'm a bigger guy, so I was thrilled that the extension wrap works great. It took me a few tries to really understand how best to use the extension, but once I got that down, I can do it blindfolded. And it came with a lifetime warranty.”

People who are interested in buying this Thermopeutic premium ice pack for the knee, shoulder, back, arm, etc. can head to Amazon or the Company’s official website.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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