Bull Tough Flooring Finds Customers Perfect Hardwood Floors In Calgary

December 05, 2019
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Alberta based Bull Tough Flooring Ltd - Hardwood Flooring Calgary is pleased to place their expertise in hardwood flooring at the disposal of the communities they serve. The company has spent years earning themselves a reputation for being the best provider of hardwood flooring in Calgary, capitalizing on a staunch dedication to sourcing only the best materials for their floors. In addition, they take measures to ensure that their customer service is on par with the quality of their catalog.

The company explains that, “Bull Tough Flooring is a small Calgary based company that operates on a simple set of principles to ensure a flawless service for every customer. We’ve taken the time and effort to carefully create a system of working that allows us to smoothly provide you with the highest levels of quality and service.”

They continue, “We’re a 'full package' company, meaning we take full responsibility for all aspects of the project from the initial phone call through to the completion of work. You can totally relax knowing your floor is in the hands of professionals.” In other words, the company is able to handle a broad variety of hardwood flooring-related projects that run the full spectrum of what homeowners have come to expect. These services include hardwood floor installations, refinishing, maintenance, and even repairs. Learn more about the company, their products, and their services here: https://bulltough.ca/calgary-hardwood-flooring-services/.

Bull Tough is quick to tout the benefits of having hardwood floors installed in a home. Few types of flooring have the same ability to withstand the ongoing test of time and evolving consumer tastes as rich, natural hardwood flooring. Due to this reason, a homeowner who opts to invest in hardwood flooring can be sure that their choices will remain in fashion for decades to come. They state that, “Installing a solid hardwood floor in your home will always be a good investment because this type of floor is always in style and can be repaired, refinished and re-coated multiple times.” With the proper care and consideration, such floors will also enjoy a similarly lengthy lifespan.

To this end, homeowners are advised to avail themselves of the company’s refinishing and maintenance services. They explain that solid hardwood floors are created with the expectation that they will be refinished multiple times over the course of their use. “The process of refinishing an old floor involves aggressively sanding the floor down to bare wood before being polished smooth and having a natural or stain coat added,” says the company. They add, “Once refinished, a properly maintained hardwood floor should last a lifetime.”

Both maintenance and refinishing share a similar goal: to extend the lifespan of the floor. However, a maintenance coat has the distinction of requiring much less investment, both in terms of finances and effort, to keep a floor looking its best and help it retain the integrity of its beautiful surface. Bull Tough asserts that hardwood floors are always paired with a protective layer that separates the wood itself from exposure to the elements. This layer serves to protect it from superficial damage, such as wear and tear, but even this coating can wear off with time. The company advises that homeowners have their floors maintained before this layer, the original finish, is worn away to the point where raw wood is exposed.

This is due to the fact that, at this stage, it is too late for maintenance—it will require a full re-sand. Given that maintenance coats can usually be laid down over the course of a single day and are, according to the company, “approximately 3 times cheaper than a full re-sand,” they are a suitable and attractive option for those who wish to quickly freshen up old floors without overextending either their time or budget.

New customers are welcome to look up Bull Tough Flooring’s online reviews to see what other members of their community have to say about the company’s work. For instance, Fred Seale says in his Google review that, “Ky recently refinished my parquet floors. He provided an honest quote and completed the work in a timely manner. Ky provided clear communication over the course of the renovation and ensured my questions were answered. 100% would recommend.” Notably, the company boasts a perfect 5-Star score on this platform alone.

More information can be found on their official website, and interested parties may contact Kayum Hoque of Bull Tough Flooring Ltd - Hardwood Flooring Calgary to follow up on any inquiries they may have. The company’s blog can be accessed at the following link as well: Bull Tough Flooring Calgary.

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