Fresno Credit Repair Company Gets Rave Review

December 05, 2019
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Poser Tubes Credit Repair in Fresno, California, has announced with pride that they have recently received a five star review. Micah G noted the fact that she hardly participated in the process. The company’s credit repair specialist did most of the work and the result was that her score has been steadily improving. The company serves Fresno and surrounding areas and guarantees that certain items will be removed from a client’s credit history, thereby resulting in an improved credit score. If this does not happen, they will issue a full refund. Those who want to get more information about the company, including their location, can check out their Google Maps page at

In her rave review about the company, Micah G. said, “Poser Tubes Credit Repair helped me repair my credit with the best dedicated account manager. I only participated about 5% effort in all the filings. My credit report is steadily climbing from the efforts of the Poser Tubes Credit Repair specialist. I love the very concerned and connected relationship that was built from the start, made the whole restoration process very effortless. The best credit repair specialists in Fresno county right here.”

Rosemary Pace, a spokesperson for Poser Tubes Credit Repair in Fresno says, “Receiving such a great review makes us proud and inspires us to continue doing the best that we can in serving our clients. Clients in Fresno have had their credit repaired. We will help you too!”

The professionals from Poser Tubes Credit Repair in Fresno can help increase their clients’ credit score by helping get rid of certain items in their credit history. First, they will contact the concerned credit bureaus if the clients discover there are erroneous items present in the reports. Examples of items that can negatively affect a person’s credit score include late payments, judgements, foreclosures, collections accounts, bankruptcies, paid charge offs, paid for less than the amount due, and charge offs.

They want people to realize that rebuilding a person’s credit will normally take a long time. And the people concerned should also make an effort to make some changes in their personal finance habits. Sustaining those efforts is vital in improving one’s credit score. If such an approach is followed, people may notice improvements in their credit score within three to six months.

Poser Tubes Credit Repair will focus on getting rid of the negative items on an individual’s credit report. Clients will be able to easily see if those efforts are working by checking the credit reporting dashboard provided by the company. They will also send a monthly credit repair progress report to each client. This report will indicate the items that have already been eliminated, those that are still in the process of being removed, and the next steps that they plan to take in order to boost the person’s credit score.

However, they would like to clarify that the process of rebuilding credit can take a long time, so no one should expect any overnight changes in their score. People will need to measure results in weeks, months, or even years, instead of just a number of days. And it requires a sustained effort in order to make a change and maintain it. But it does not mean that people will need to wait for months or years to see results. With a steady and determined approach, they can start to notice slight improvements in their credit score. They may also notice that lenders are beginning to be more open with them.

While certain items, like late payments and collections, will usually take seven years to completely disappear from the credit file, it doesn’t mean that people will need to wait seven years to have their scores improved. By being consistent in meeting payments and clearing debt, people will start to notice improvements in their score within six months to one years.

Those who want to get more information about the credit restoration services provided by Poser Tubes Credit Repair in Fresno can check out their website at or contact them through the telephone or email. They are open 24 hours, from Monday to Sunday.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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