BYOB Hot Sauce Peps Up Their Pepper Pyramid With A Hot New Look

December 04, 2019
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Lake Providence, Louisiana, based BYOB Hot Sauce has reinvigorated their hot chili sauce packaging with a visual redesign. New designs now appear on their bottles and the gift packaging of each Pepper Pyramid Hot Sauce Gift Set. The packaging features a pyramid and pictures of the ten available bottles.

The BYOB Hot Sauce company markets chili sauces for the aficionado, which is one reason why many of these sauces are available in gift boxes and sets. This makes them handy for sharing with friends and family who are fans of chili peppers. One feature of these sauces is that they are carefully graded, so that lovers of chili sauce can always know exactly how hot any sauce is.

The heat of chili peppers is measured on The Scoville Scale, in Scoville Heat Units or SHU. It measures the concentration of capsaicinoids, among which capsaicin is the main component. The company focuses on producing sauces ranging in heat from mild to the hottest imaginable, using a variety of peppers that are either added by themselves or blended with others to produce these exciting combinations. Some of these peppers will be familiar to consumers, while others will be less so. The most familiar are probably Cayenne, Jalapeno and Tabasco, but Banana Pepper, Anaheim Pepper , Green Serrano, Scotch Bonnet , Peruvian Habanero, Bhut Jolokia Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Butch "T" Scorpion Pepper and The Carolina Reaper may be less familiar. These are all used to make sauces and the potency of each is listed by BYOB on their official website.

Ricky Hooter from BYOB Hot Sauce says, “We have the spicy sauces, and a red hot game to put an edge on your chili tasting evening. Now that we are spicing up our labels, the Pepper Pyramid Challenge has taken on a new spiced up look.”

The Pepper Pyramid Challenge is one of BYOB Hot Sauce’s most popular products. It is crafted in a handy boxed set that is especially popular during festive seasons. This kit contains all the necessary ingredients to hold a session of the game, including a set of ten bottles of hot sauces, each based on a famous chili variety, and a sauce dropper for distributing the sauce in each round. The sauces are graded on a scale of one to ten, and participant tasters will see how far they can progress from the bottom of the pyramid (mild) towards the top (very hot) over the course of the game. The hottest pepper in the range is the Carolina Reaper, which in 2013 was recorded as having over one and a half million Scoville Heat Units on average.

This activity set contains a list of the Official Game Rules so that people can make sure that friends and family are able to pick their game champion. Each bottle contains enough servings for 10 players with each one playing 100 times. The Pepper Pyramid Challenge is a challenge of their ability to handle Heat. Contestants start off with a very weak pepper and work up to the hottest peppers on the planet. The scoville rating listed for each bottle is representative of the rating of the individual pepper used to make each great tasting sauce.

A video featuring Tim McGraw on Youtube shows how the game is played, with the pyramid being a handy way to hold each hot sauce sampler in order to ensure they stay in the correct order. There is much debate over which pepper should be ratest hottest, however. The top three peppers used in this challenge have all at one time held the title as the hottest pepper in the world. There is a separate challenge for people taking part in the activity to be the ultimate judge of which pepper is actually the hottest.

Reviewing this product on Amazon, a verified buyer says, “We loved this game and the sauce. I think most of the reviews think it will be like the hot sauce challenge on YouTube. The flavors are really good—and hot! I made it to number 3. Our son in law made it all the way. We had fun and my son in law got to take them all home for being the winner! Would make a great Christmas gift too.”

Hooter says that there is more to the game than simply having fun. “Of course it is fun and people are trying to beat their friends at eating the hottest chili sauce, but it is also a fun way to discover amazing sauces. People that play this game will find a sauce that suits them, with the right amount of heat. Once they find it, they will want to put it on everything.”

These hot sauce gift sets can be found, along with information on other BYOB products, on the BYOB Hot Sauce website. The sets are also available on Amazon, and customers may contact Ricky Hooter to follow up on any further inquiries they may have.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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