Atlanta Music Institute Shares Tips For Musicians On Instagram

December 05, 2019
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The Duluth, Georgia based Atlanta Institute of Music and Media (AIMM) recently constructed and published a blog article that offers Musicians and Music Producers 12 Instagram tips to help them increase brand awareness and promote their music on the platform. The 12 tips include picking a great name and URL, Optimizing the bio, using a professional photo or graphic, making it a business profile, mixing up content, considering video length, hashtag strategy, using the Instagram story, and so on. The full list can be read on their blog.

With Instagram being one of the top social media platforms, surpassing Twitter, MySpace and even the former ‘king’ of social media, Facebook, it is incredibly important to have a strong presence on the site if one wishes to grow a business or brand. There are estimated to be over a billion active users on Instagram, and every one of them is a potential new fan, customer, investor or partner. This makes Instagram, if handled correctly, the perfect choice for one to grow their fan base. As the blog post notes, “If you know that your audience is on Instagram and spends a significant amount of time there, why wouldn't you use Instagram to benefit yourself as a Musician or Music Producer.”

Instagram may be saturated with dozens of people looking to grow their franchise and advertise their brand but it is still possible to stand out. Users are bombarded with ads from all directions whenever they access the internet, and making it so they are interested in any one specific ad can be very difficult if one does not know what they are doing. This is where the 12 tips come in.

Among the tips is the somewhat simple but very important name and URL. It is important for a band, musician or producer to have a name or handle that accurately reflects them and their label. “Even if you're not quite sure if Instagram is right for you, make sure you jump on and secure your band name/company name,” says the blog post. “Technically, every second you wait is another second someone else could snag that handle.” If one finds their band name taken, it may still be possible to add “band” to the handle and secure the name that way.

Another very important thing to pay close attention to when trying to build a strong presence on Instagram is what one puts in their bio. The bio must let people know where the band or music producer is located, what genre of music they produce, if they have any upcoming tours or shows and anything else that may be relevant or important—all while staying below the character limit. “Feel free to change your bio link depending on what is relevant. If you have a new single on SoundCloud, change the link to that. Are you doing a Black Friday Merch sale? Change your link to your shop page, if you have one,” the blog states. Read the other tips in the blog at the following link: 12 Instagram Tips for Musicians and Music Producers.

The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media is a music institution that provides non-beginning musicians and recording arts students with the instructional environment necessary to develop and grow as professionals in the music industry. The institution aims to help aspiring artists excel in contemporary music and media arts education, and they maintain a strong focus on making the student experience as positive, fulfilling and rewarding as possible. AIMM accomplishes this through classes and private instruction along with audio, video and computer lab instruction and live clinics featuring well-known artists and music industry professionals.

“Atlanta Institute of Music and Media programs are taught by professionals whose work experience, certification and/or music degrees give each instructor the background to teach the demanding curriculum,” says AIMM. “It is the belief of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media that music is the universal language and, therefore, welcomes students from diverse backgrounds. The Atlanta Institute of Music and Media serves students without discrimination on the basis of sex, race, age, religion, or sexual orientation.”

Find out more about AIMM, their Music Production Degree for Hip Hop Producers and more at their website and other online resources. Interested parties may reach out to Nite Driscoll of the Atlanta Institute of Music and Media for further details as well.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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