Joliet Construction Accident Attorneys Explain How They Handle Their Clients’ Cases

December 05, 2019
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The Law Offices of Parente & Norem, P. C, based in Joliet, Illinois, have reached out to the community to explain how they handle their construction accident cases to give their clients the best chance at succeeding. The local office wields extensive experience handling personal injury cases, as they have helped hundreds of Illinois residents receive compensation for their work-related accidents. Locals have described the firm as their preferred option for Joliet construction attorneys.

Christopher Norem, a representative of the law firm and an experienced attorney in the field of construction accident injuries, states, "The first few days following a work-related injury caused by a construction accident are the most critical. What you decide to do will determine the outcome of the many court trials and hearings that are about to come. Something as simple as talking to your insurance company without consulting with an attorney first could change the outcome of the trial, preventing you from receiving the financial compensation that you are entitled to. When sharing too much alone can prevent you from receiving compensation for injuries, the best course of action is for you to contact an experienced, successful construction accident attorney."

The Law Offices of Parente & Norem P.C. state that a victim of a construction accident should ideally contact an attorney immediately upon receiving medical assistance. They maintain that this should be their top priority directly after tending to their injuries, as there are very clear limitations in time and an exhaustive process to go through. Failing to contact an attorney, or doing so at a later date, could significantly harm an accident victim’s chances of being compensated for their injuries, even if there is clear evidence putting the case in their favor.

The office states that, once the victim contacts a construction injury attorney, the few weeks following the incident should be less stressful and complicated. According to the firm, this period will consist of their attorneys gathering information, medical records, and talking to witnesses of the accident as they build a case on the victim’s behalf. Depending on the extent of the client's injuries, and whether or not they can continue working for the time being, an attorney would also keep a record of any wages missed due to their injuries, as these can be included within the financial compensation that they receive at the end of the trial.

Handling all of these details professionally and building a successful case is not an easy task, as the Parent & Norem firm states that a deep knowledge of how the process works, the challenges found within, and how to overcome them is necessary. Despite this, they say that clients can rely on the Parente & Norem personal injury attorneys to navigate any case to a favorable resolution, trial, or an appeal if necessary. They affirm that, given their extensive expertise, there are no cases that they consider too complicated, large, or small to handle.

Norem states, "You only need to know that we are at your disposal, willing and able to do everything within our power to bring justice to your case and give you the best chance at securing the compensation that you are entitled to. We can handle the entirety of this complicated process while you rest and recover from your injuries, as your health should be your only concern. We are widely known for successfully litigating Joliet construction accident cases by utilizing all the tools and skills of the legal trade, from medical testimony, medical experts, economic experts, vocational rehabilitation experts, safety experts, human factor experts, and the effective use of exhibits, drawings, models, computer technology, and videos."

The Law Office of Parente & Norem P.C. offers free evaluations for each client's case, where they assess the circumstances of their injury and determine their options regarding legal action. Those in need of a reliable construction injury attorney are encouraged to contact the firm and inquire about their legal services. They may also refer to the office's website, where the firm proudly features the results of some of the most recent cases their attorneys have handled, along with a description of the strategy they used to secure compensation for their clients.

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