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December 05, 2019
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Herpes dating website MeetPositives.com is pleased to report that their members have been enjoying the website’s ability to connect STD positive singles with others who are looking for relationships of one kind or another. While the site primarily exists to connect positive singles looking to get back in the dating game, it also serves as a vibrant community of positive individuals who wish to share their stories as well as explore how other people in similar situations are managing their lives. Notably, the site caters to positive singles of all types in addition to herpes, including HIV and other STDs.”

MeetPositives.com CEO Jack Lombardi states that, “Our goal since we launched in 2014 has always been to connect people. Many learn of their positive status and assume the worst; that their dating lives are over and that they may be shunned by their social circles. This is not the case, and we seek to show them just how well they can continue to live their lives, even as positive individuals.”

This is reflected in the testimonials shared on the website, where users (who remain anonymous) share their stories. For instance, one user advises that other positive individuals maintain a “negative” outlook regarding their status. They explain, “I know this statement is a bit confusing because every piece of advice you get will direct you to be positive. This is not the positivity I am talking about; I am talking about the infection. Though your body is infected, the infection should not get to your head.”

The user continues that they later discovered stress can trigger a new outbreak of symptoms. “This is why I say that your mind should be negative though your body is positive,” they say. “You should not let the infection affect your mind as this will only make the situation worse. Accept that you have the infection and move on and this will help in reducing the outbreaks to almost zero levels and let you get back to your normal life.”

However, the platform is aware that many people will hesitate to join such a group, especially if it means they will have a public profile that can be found by their friends, families, coworkers, and so on. Due to this reason, they resolved to avoid publishing an app that may accidentally give away a person’s positive status should an acquaintance happen to spot it on their phone or other device. Instead, the company endeavored to ensure that their website could do all the heavy lifting.

In practice, this means that MeetPositives.com is so well optimized that it works flawlessly across a wide variety of devices, including desktop, mobile, and tablet platforms. This gives their users to log in and off without leaving a telltale app logo for others to spot. Additionally, users who want to take an extra measure of care may access the website through their browser’s private mode, automatically deleting any browsing history once they leave.

As they state, “Meet Positives understands what it’s like to have a secret. So why would we want you to download an app so that others might see it? We created our website to operate 100% on any type of device. No matter if you use an Android, iPhone, Tablet or Desktop, our platform is 100% auto-responsive to all devices you’re using.”

Above all, the site hopes to inform positive individuals that they are not alone. Millions of people are diagnosed with new viral infections each year, according to the CDC, and the most common STI/STDs in the US alone are Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B, Genital Herpes, HIV, Syphilis, Trichomoniasis and Human Papillomavirus (HPV). This means that many people around the country (and the rest of the world) have to come to grips with their status and the possible changes they need to make in their lives to live normally every year. These changes, according to MeetPositive.com, need not be as drastic as people assume.

More information, including online safety tips, other member stories, and so on may be found at MeetPositives.com. Interested parties are also welcome to contact Jack Lombardi directly in order to pursue any further inquiries they may have, and the website maintains a presence on various social media platforms as well. Users may send these channels private messages to learn more.

SOURCE: Press Advantage [Link]

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Meet Positive is an alternative to dating and a second chance for positive singles who live with a sexually transmitted disease.

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