Pool Cue Guide Releases Post on Top Five Best Brands for Pool Cues

December 10, 2019
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Pool Cue Guide, based in Chicago, Illinois, has recently published a blog post on the top five brands of pool cues. This website was established by people who love billiards and playing pool. As part of their goal to help people buy the best billiards equipment, they have established the site to provide reviews of various pool cues and accessories. In their latest post, they list the five best brands of pool sticks. These are Viper Pool Cues, Players Pool Cues, Cuesoul, Trademark, and Valley House.

Martin Brauser, a spokesperson for the site, says, “Just like other sports, billiards requires some fascinating tools and accessories in order to play a game. The top pool cues are one of the most important accessories and are used to strike a cue-ball easily if you buy from the best brand. The professionals and the experts in this game need pool cues that are excellent in every way especially in performance and design. In this blog post, we list what we consider to be the top five brands of pool sticks. We also discuss the pros and cons of a pool cue from each of these brands.” Those who want to read the blog post can go to https://poolcueguide.com/5-pool-cue-brands/.

The site also offers advice to beginners in billiards. Naturally, beginners would want to find pool cues that are affordable. Being new to the game, beginners will tend to lack the knowledge and experience in taking good care of their pool sticks. And they will likely hit the cue ball improperly with their cue, possibly causing damage to it. Damaging an expensive professional pool cue would be disaster. That is why beginners should choose one of the affordable ones.

For people who are avid fans of billiards or those who are beginning to develop in an interest in this relaxing game, the site also offers various FAQs. For instance, the site has an FAQ page that discusses various important aspects of pool cues. These include replacing a pool cue tip with a new one; how pool cues are made and what are they made of; whether pool cues are allowed on airplanes; how to pick a pool cue; beginner pool cues; intermediate pool cues; advanced pool cues; the advanced parameters that make professional pool cue; the best weight for a pool cue; the best brands of pool cues; and the importance of using pool cue chalk.

The website also discusses the rules for 9-ball. These include: deciding on who will play the first round; organizing the 9 balls inside the ball rack; hitting the balls; taking the time to pocket the first ball; focusing on the goal of the game, which is to pocket the 9-ball; focusing on pocketing the lowest numbered balls; avoiding the soft strokes; the ability to place the cue ball anywhere when an opponent commits a foul; and following the pool rules.

An interesting article on the site is one that discusses the differences between the pool cue and the snooker cue. These are different from each other because snooker is different from the standard pool game. In snooker, there are 15 red balls on the table, with each ball being worth one point. Snooker cues are typically 57 to 58 inches long have a tip that has a diameter of 9 to 10.5 mm. It should be noted that the key difference between a snooker cue and pool cue is the diameter of the tip. The tip size of a pool cue is usually around 13 mm although it may be a bit larger or smaller.

The site also offers various reviews. These include a review that lists the top 10 cheap pool cues; the top five pool cue floor racks based on design; detailed reviews of the top 5 pool cues in the world; and the top 5 pool cues under $200.

Those who are interested in getting information regarding pool cues can visit the Pool Cue Guide website or contact them on the telephone or through email.

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Pool cue guide was born from the love of billiards and playing pool. We are pool players that want you to buy the best equipment and we review the top pool cues and accessories .

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